Will Young and Fisher be able to coexist any longer?

Vince Young's Meltdown Indicative of a Bigger Problem in Tennessee?

Let’s get this out of the way first: Vince Young acted childishly. He claims he didn’t throw “half his uniform” into the stands as was first reported and that he was simply giving someone his jersey. That’s fine. But leaving and talking to Jeff Fisher the way he did is never a good idea and shows a hint of immaturity on his part.

Bottom line is there was no excuse for his behavior.

But, I think this is something that’s been coming for a couple years now. Jeff Fisher’s time in Tennessee should have been over already. Fisher has accumulated a .557 win percentage in Houston/Tennessee, but hasn’t gotten the team past the divisional round of the playoffs since 2002.

The team hasn’t gone to the Super Bowl since 1999, and 10 of his seasons as head coach of the Titans have been .500 or worse. To me, that doesn’t warrant sticking around as long as he has, and he’s clearly losing some of the younger players in the locker room.

Again, this is not to say Young was justified. It was just inevitable it was going to happen with one of his younger players eventually.

This is going to deteriorate quickly. It’s going to start as a Fisher vs. Young thing, and eventually will escalate into a Fisher vs. Titans’ owner Bud Adams thing. Adams has been supportive publicly of Young since day one, and I think Adams will give Fisher the boot in favor of a young assistant around the league — whether it’s one currently on the payroll or not.

The Titans now sit at 5-5 and at third place in the AFC South. With a rookie quarterback taking over as the starter and Randy Moss far from panning out, things are only going to continue to get worse and I believe after this season Philadelphia’s Andy Reid will be the long-tenured head coach in the NFL.

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