Williams' career in Carolina is likely over.

Report: Carolina Panthers Will Not Use Franchise Tag on DeAngelo Williams

According to Adam Schefter via Twitter, the Carolina Panthers will not use the franchise tag on running back DeAngelo Williams.

Instead, the team will decide between either center Ryan Kalil or defensive end Charles Johnson.

Given the fact that new head coach Ron Rivera is a former defensive coordinator, odds are the tag will be applied to Johnson, even though Kalil is much more worthy.

Not tagging Williams probably means the Panthers are willing to move forward with Jonathan Stewart as their primary runner and will worry about finding a backup for him in the draft or free agency as their current roster likely doesn’t have enough talent behind Stewart.

The only way Williams returns is if he’s willing to accept backup money and limited carries behind Stewart, and there’s no way he even considers doing that. Behind even just an average offensive line, Williams can still be a top five or top 10 running back.

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  • Mike

    Why do you assume that Williams would only come back as a back-up? If Williams comes back to Carolina, he’ll be the starting back. Not using the tag on Williams means Carolina is willing to risk someone outbidding them or Williams wanting out because they have other strong backs, not that they don’t want him as the starting back.

    Also, Rivera is a former DC, he’s not stupid. Using the tag on Johnson would be extremely short-sighted, given the talent they have at DE and the position in which they find themselves in the draft. Rivera knows this. Pro Bowl centers are much more difficult to find and would be in greater demand on the market.

    They tag Kalil and work out long-term contracts with him, Williams, Johnson, and Davis. In doing so, they protect Kalil from the market, show Johnson that he still has to prove himself (one successful season does not necessarily indicate a successful future), and put their faith in DeAngelo re-signing, knowing that if he doesn’t they still have a strong stable of RBs.

    • http://www.nflspinzone.com Bob Cunningham

      Johnson will probably be re-signed, but not tagging Williams says to me they think more of Stewart than Williams.