New England Patriot's owner Robert Kraft is feeling optimistic.

One NFL Owner Thinks New CBA Could Be in Place This Week

It’s been a little while since we checked in with any CBA news, but that’s because there really hasn’t been any. And until a new one is in place, it’s hard to get too interested in any peripheral news because it could wind up being meaningless until around this time in 2012.

But as the good news starts to trickle out, we get some words of encouragement from Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots who is currently in Israel on a trade mission with Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick.

Kraft says “it’s possible,” according to, a new deal could be done this week, and that getting something done is a “high priority” for him and everyone else.

“If necessary, I might have to leave early,” Kraft told a group of reporters crazy enough to follow him half-way around the world. “I made a commitment here, so we’re going to finish the important things we’re doing here. [We're] in daily contact by phone. It’s unfortunate. We’re supposed to be settled by now. That’s [why] we planned this trip [for this week].”

“[The] good news is, it’s always good to be talking when you have differences of opinion,” Kraft said. “It’s the only way you have a chance [to reach an agreement]. So we’re talking, and I know from ownership’s side that we feel there’s a deal to be made and we’d very much like to do it.”

The only problem is whether or not the players want the same deal to be made, and given the fact that both sides had two years to come to an agreement and still needed an extension, that doesn’t appear likely.

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