Maybe Moss just has no interest in winning more than 4 games.

Santana Moss Would Like to Re-Sign With Washington Redskins

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After a disastrous 2010 season and a ton of quarterback uncertainty, the Washington Redskins should probably do back flips if any receiver in the league wants to play in our nation’s capitol, much less a guy the caliber of Santana Moss.

Before we go any further, let me make it very clear what I think of Moss as a receiver: he can be a playmaker with the ball in his hands, but he should not be the No. 1 target. Moss could be a very good No. 2 guy with a legitimate No. 1 drawing the double-team, but he’s nothing more than that.

Think Peerless Price.

Unfortunately, he is by far the Redskins’ best option to be their main target, which likely speaks to the state of the franchise.

I don’t believe the ‘Skins will have any qualms about overpaying Moss, but unless money is the only thing he’s after why in the world would he want to return to D.C.? There are likely several teams with playoff aspirations that would bring him in as the No. 2 option and really let him flourish while also winning some games — something he’s unlikely to do in Washington any time soon.

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, maybe even the New York Giants if Steve Smith has a misstep in his rehab, and there are a couple other teams looking for help as well.

The ‘Skins look like a team that aren’t going to be escaping the basement in the near future — especially if John Beck truly is the starter once the season kicks off — so Moss’ interest has to come from knowing he’s more likely to be overpaid in Washington than anywhere else or he has a strong affinity for the D.C. area.

If Washington is smart, they won’t bother asking the reasons and will just jump at the chance of having a receiver people don’t have to google.


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