Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco Has a "Situation"

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is quickly becoming a rising star. He shot out of the gates as a successful, young quarterback and he has yet to look back. Recently, Flacco has had some criticism thrown his way from the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, but his teammates have had his back and even called Flacco their “Michael Jordan.”

Now Flacco can add another celebrity to those he can be compared to. This time he is doing his best to look like “The Situation” from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Flacco was married in Philadelphia this weekend to his longtime girlfriend Dana Grady. At some point during the celebration, Flacco showed his inner guido and was captured by The Baltimore Sun with his new look.

Let’s hope that Flacco doesn’t bring his new look to the football field. The Steelers already don’t like him and looking like a castmember of a scummy reality show will only put the target on his chest even more. I’m happy for Flacco tying the knot, but I hope he quickly gets over his new tanorexic habits and awful hairdos before he and the Ravens find an uncomfortable situation on their hands.

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