Former NFL Coach Herm Edwards Speaks at Rookie Symposium (Video)

Former NFL coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards was in attendance at the NFLPA Rookie Symposium today to deliver a very motivational speech to the incoming rookies. Edwards delivered a powerful message to the rookies and some great insight to what they will face in their young careers. His key point was for the young players to make sure they do not waste their talent.

Check out Herm’s incredible speech:

“When this thing comes to fruition — and it will — they’re going to kick the ball off, you’re going to go to training camp. If you’re not ready to go physically? That’s on you,” said Edwards. “Don’t blame the lockout. Don’t blame the commissioner. Don’t blame De Smith. When you go to training camp, nobody wants to know about ‘Well, we missed 20 practices because we didn’t get OTAs’ — we don’t care. Nobody cares.”

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