Colin Kaepernick Already Impressing at 49ers Player Workouts


Colin Kaepernick's cannon has been the center of attention this offseason.

Rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick is wasting no time impressing onlookers and his teammates at this offseason’s player organized workouts. According to reports, Kaepernick’s superior arm strength is obvious and he is stealing the spotlight from the veteran Alex Smith.

“He’s got a gun,” said an observer of Kaepernick. . “He’s got a much stronger arm than Alex Smith. As a sophomore pitcher in high school, he was throwing a baseball 93 mph.”

Another report claims that Kaepernick threw one pass so hard to Lance Long on a slant route that it knocked the receiver off his feet.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh has previously said he has not made a decision on who his starter will be. However, it is hard to believe that Kaepernick will not see significant time under center this season if he continues to impress during workouts and show off his increible arm.

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