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Should the NFL Suspend Ndamukong Suh For Stomping? (Video)

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh became the story of the NFL’s Thanksgiving day triple-header after he inexplicably stomped on the arm of a Green Bay Packers offensive lineman. Suh has quite the reputation for being a dirty player and he displayed why he has received that label during a game on national television.

What’s next for Suh? This is the guy who requested a meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell. Suh has delivered late hits and gone head hunting time and time again, but he has avoided punishment. Could he avoid punishment again following yesterday’s ejection? Doubtful.

Suh needs to be suspended one game. I have applauded Suh in the past for his physical play and “playing through the whistle.” However, this recent outburst crossed the line. You can’t stomp on anyone intentionally. It is completely unacceptable and disrespectful. Suh completely lost his head and could have seriously injured an opponent.

Suh has gotten to this point after being enabled by the media and his head coach Jim Schwartz. Like myself, many have praised Suh’s physical play and attitude, but those previous plays where all within the whistle. As soon as you cross the line like Suh did, the commissioner has to step in to stop this before it gets any worse. Sorry, Suh. You’ve got to sit on that bench for another game… maybe two, if Goodell really wants to send a message. Check out video of the Suh stomp after the jump.

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