Brian Urlacher Takes Shot At Tim Tebow After Game

The Chicago Bears lost to the Denver Tebows today in overtime, 13-10. Most people will ignore the incredible play by the Broncos defense down the stretch, the inexplicably idiotic defensive strategy by the Bears defense down the stretch, Marion Barber losing his mind and Matt Prater nailing two clutch field goals.

Instead, they will focus on the “Tebow Magic” and give the Broncos quarterback all of the credit. It is unfair to the rest of the team who actually played well and were the reason for the BRONCOS (not Tebow) victory.

After the game, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was asked what he thought about Tim Tebow as a NFL quarterback. His words were not too flattering.

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Broncos defensive back also had some words for Bears running back Marion Barber for his bone-headed move that ultimately cost Chicago the game.

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I think Champ mispronounced, “Thank Tebow.” When all of the smoke clears, this game should be more about how the Bears blew this game and delivered the win to the Broncos on a silver platter.

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