Saddle up! The Ryan Tannehill hype-train is going on a wild ride.

NFL Draft 2012: Can Ryan Tannehill Really Be A Top 10 Pick?

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to be the talk of the town this draft season. He had an average season that was punctuated with a broken foot that has forced him out of the Under Armour Senior Bowl and potentially the NFL Scouting Combine, yet his draft stock has continued to soar.

How high has Ryan Tannehill’s stock risen? Would you believe me if I said he could be drafted in the top ten picks?

If you ask NFL personnel guru Gil Brandt, Tannehill will hear his name called early in the 2012 NFL Draft. Personally, I am stunned with the opinion.

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I have never seen anything like this. I cannot recall the last time that a player was injured and unable to workout, yet his stock has soared beyond unimaginable heights. Tannehill is an okay quarterback, but he hasn’t shown anything spectacular and certainly should not be a top ten pick. Heck, he shouldn’t even be a first-round pick.

People are just too enamored with the quarterback position. Yes, many see Tannehill as the third-ranked quarterback prospect, but that shouldn’t automatically put him into top ten consideration.

At best, Tannehill could develop into a solid backup. Would you really spend that high of a pick on a backup player? No. You wouldn’t. So why should you take Tannehill? Just because he is a quarterback? Again, no. You shouldn’t.

It blows my mind that a guy as well-respected as Brandt believes Tannehill will go in the top ten. Sure, teams like the Redskins, Buccaneers, Jaguars and Dolphins are all picking in the top ten, but every option they have is a better option than a guy like Tannehill. Don’t forget that those needs could be filled in free agency by guys like Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning, too.

We will have to wait and see where Tannehill ultimately goes, but if he really does go in the top ten — or even first-round — I truly believe that some team is making a massive mistake.

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