Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial?

As far as we can tell here at the Spin Zone, it appears Matthew Broderick will reprise his Ferris Bueller character in a Super Bowl commercial. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of the most beloved movies from the 80s, which is saying something, so this promises to be a highly anticipated ad. The teaser video beloew is pretty awesome. We get a slightly altered Ferris catch phrase, followed by that jingle we all loved so much back in the day (bow, bowmp, bowmp, chi-chicka-chicka!)

We’re not alone in our speculation, as the folks over at Cinema Blend seems to think the same thing. They speculate that this is a commercial for a travel company, but I also think it could be one for a car, adult beverage or something like Groupon or Eversave. Hell, it could even be a commercial for the NFL. We’ve seen the league get creative before. One things almost for certain — don’t expect to see Jeffrey Jones‘ Ed Rooney make a cameo.

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