Super Bowl XLVI: Sneak Peek At Super Bowl Commercials

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Every year, the Super Bowl draws a certain fan base that the NFL would not normally draw. Many Americans gather around their televisions to see what goes on in between the action — the commercials. The Super Bowl commercials draw a lot of attention and are often the talk around the office the after the big game.

Thanks to some investigative work around the interwebs, we have been able to gather some of the Super Bowl XLVI commercials that will air. If you don’t want the commercials to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading now. If you want to see some of what you are in for, continue on and impress your friends with your Super Bowl commercial knowledge before they even air.

Why wait until the big game to see the commercials? That is the best time to get a new, ice cold beer. So watch them now and don’t miss a thing!

More Super Bowl XLVI commercials are on Page 2!

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