NFL Free Agency Preview 2012: Green Bay Packers

It’s time to dream, folks.

That’s because this blog is about free agency – a concept in Green Bay that hasn’t been a reality in the league’s smallest franchise since the days of Reggie White.

With Packers general manager Ted Thompson as comfortable with free agency as the Pope with contraception, it’s highly unlikely yet again this year that Green Bay will enter the fray.

But like I said, it’s good to dream, so that’s what we’ll do.

Just for the fun of it, we’ll consider the top 30 free agents as determined by Sports Illustrated – we’ll throw out all the rules and pretend that money isn’t an issue – just who might be the best players who would fit for the program under Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy? Then we’ll give a recommendation on who the Packers Brass should consider bringing to Green Bay.


• Matt Flynn, QB, Green Bay Packers – Well, this is easy. We all know how he fits with the program. Recommendation: Keep him, because you never know when Aaron Rodgers falls to injury.

• Peyton Hillis, RB, Cleveland Browns – The Packers running game is suspect and Hillis would help, but he’s injured too often and suffers from the Madden curse. Recommendation: Pass him by.

• DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles – hot dog, egotistical. Recommendation: No way.

• Alex Smith, QB, San Francisco – A quarterback who has played in Aaron Rodgers’ shadow since being selected with the first pick way back when as the eventual Packers’ QB sat squirming in the green room. Recommendation: Ahahahahahaha.

• Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks – another head case – one who’s addicted to Skittles. Recommendation: Let him have his sugar fix somewhere else.

• Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City Chiefs – another wide receiver looking for a franchise QB to throw the ball to him. Recommendation: He won’t be catching passes from Rodgers.

• Vincent Jackson, WR, San Diego Chargers – a talent that has found a home in California. Recommendation: I can’t see him adjusting to the slow track in Wisconsin.

• Steve Johnson, WR, Buffalo – A young talent and rising star in the AFC. Recommendation: I can’t see him adjusting to playing in the NFC North and catching balls over the middle against a team like the Bears.

• Ben Greggs, G, Baltimore Ravens – A tough player, unheralded talent. Recommendation: He could fit in well in Green Bay – I say bring him in.

• Carl Nicks, G, New Orleans Saints – as part of that solid line that protects Drew Brees and opens holes for the run game, he is entrenched. Recommendation: The Packers usually rely on picking up linemen through the draft, so it’s unlikely he would be needed in Green Bay.

• Cliff Avril, DE, Detroit Lions – Tough, athletic player who disrupts things in the offensive backfield. Recommendation: What a steal he would be for the Packers and a coups in grabbing one from a divisional foe. Pick him up.

• Calais Campbell, DE, Arizona Cardinals. Big time player who will probably stay home in Arizona. Recommendation: Another player who could only help the Packers’ anemic defensive line, but one team can have only so many good defensive linemen – pass him by.

• Robert Mathis, DE, Indianapolis. Longtime Colt who is getting a bit long in the tooth, but still puts up big time stats. Recommendation: Another defensive end who would help the Packers. This one I say bring in.

• Mario Williams, DE, Houston Texans – OMG, this all-world athlete is a great fit anywhere. Recommendation: His pick-up would be epic in Green Bay and equivalent to the addition of Reggie White so many years ago.

• Paul Solial, DT, Miami Dolphins – More defensive line talent. Recommendation: Pass him by.

• London Fletcher, LB, Washington Redskins – He keeps getting older, but just gets better. Recommendation: He would be a great replacement for A.J. Hawk.

• Curtis Lofton, LB, Atlanta Falcons – Like the Atlanta defense, he’s been inconsistent. Recommendation: Nah.

• Anthony Spencer, LB, Dallas Cowboys – Anthony who? Recommendation: The Packers can do better with who they already have.

• Cortland Finnegan, CB, Tennessee Titans – Hard hitting fighter who intimidates. Recommendation: He would be an excellent addition to a defense that played way too soft last year. Thompson should grab him …

• Brent Grimes, CB, Atlanta Falcons – He’s one of the best players on an underachieving Falcons defense. Recommendation: Let another team take him.

• Carlos Rogers, CB, San Francisco – Like the rest of the 49ers defense, his play really improved last season. Recommendation: Another solid player who could add to the toughness the Packers defense needs. Pick him up.

• Michael Griffin, S, Tennessee Titans – An up and down player who excelled at times with a bad team. Recommendation: He’s the type of player who could succeed in Green Bay, especially in light of the possibility of losing All-Pro safety Nick Collins. Recommendation: Take a chance on him.

• LaRon Landry, S, Washington Redskins – A beast of a safety who could also play as a linebacker. Recommendation: He’s a stud of a football player who could succeed anywhere – if he can stay healthy. Bring him in.

• Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints – Are you kidding me? He’s a top five NFL QB. Recommendation: We couldn’t take him and have him holding the clipboard behind Aaron Rodgers.

• Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore Ravens – Another all-world athlete. Recommendation: This is a no-brainer. Bring him in.

• Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans Saints – A huge talent who will most likely stay put in New Orleans. Recommendation: The Packers are already neck deep in talent at the wide Receiver position.

• Wes Welker, WR, New England Patriots – Do you think the Pats are going to let him sign elsewhere? Recommendation: Don’t even pursue him because he isn’t going anywhere.

• Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears – Great runner, great pass catcher. Recommendation: If the Bears lose interest in negotiating with the star running back, the Packers should be first in line … bring him in.

So, that’s it, folks. The wish list for the Packers.

Now all we need to do is put that special potion into Ted Thompson’s oatmeal – the potion that will make him all starry-eyed and gullible. Then we’ll sit him at the table with this list.

Dream on …

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