NFL Spin Zone Weekly Twitter Mailbag: 4/7/12

Here at NFL Spin Zone, we like to keep the site as interactive as possible with the fans. If you have been following us on Twitter on checking out our Facebook Fan Page, you have noticed that we do not shy away from questions and try to answer them all for the readers.

To take that interaction to the next level and highlight some of the top questions we receive on Twitter, I have put together a weekly Twitter mailbag. Here are some of the best questions sent our way over the past week:

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The big problem with Mike Wallace is that a team would not only have to give up a first-round pick, but they would need to pay Wallace and he wants to be one of the highest paid receivers in the league. Teams also have two more weeks to sign Wallace — April 20th is the deadline.

There may be more talk that comes up closer the draft, but it seems like Wallace is staying in Pittsburgh for at least one more season. It’s just too much for a team to give up for a one-dimensional wideout. IF there is one team to watch out for and that could make a late play for Wallace, it is the Cincinnati Bengals.

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The rookies will have to learn their role. They can come in, fight for a job on special teams and earn the respect of their teammates. It’s also nice that rookies won’t face immediate pressure on the San Francisco defensive unit. Rookie will come in as part of the rotations and it will give them valuable learning experience, but they won’t have all of the weight on their shoulders.

It should actually keep the rookies calm, collected and work out in their best interest down the road.

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I can’t see that happening. Kaepernick is still a project quarterback who’s talent they really believe in. They did add Josh Johnson for some additional competition, but it shouldn’t change Kaepernick’s status as the team’s plan for a few years in the future. Remember, Steve Young sat in San Francisco for a long time. Yes, it was behind Joe Montana and Alex Smith can’t even hold his jockstrap, but the team has groomed their quarterbacks of the future in the past.

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There would be no need. There is a very good chance that Kirkpatrick could still be on the board when the Lions pick at 23. There is also Stephon Gilmore who appears to be a top 20 pick at this point, but could slide a little. Kirkpatrick or Gilmore would work for Detroit if they choose to go with secondary help and they won’t need to give up additional picks to shoot up the draft.

That said, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Detroit focus on the offensive or defensive line in the first-round.

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