Morris Claiborne Buys Parents Dallas Cowboys Themed Car? [Photo]

Dallas Cowboys first-round pick Morris Claiborne was as happy as can be when the Cowboys made him the sixth-overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Shreveport, Louisiana native has been a fan of the Cowboys and it was a dream to finally make it to the NFL and put a star on his helmet.

Claiborne’s helmet isn’t the only place where he is showcasing the Dallas star. posted a picture that came from a reader which claims the car pictured above was a gift from Claiborne to his parents after he signed with the Cowboys. That was the story going around anyways but Claiborne went on Twitter and explained who the car belongs to.

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Knowing that it isn’t Claiborne’s parents car just goes to show how much people around the nation still love the Cowboys. They are America’s team, after all.

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