July 28, 2010; Metairie, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma talks with the media during a press conference prior to the start of training camp at the New Orleans Saints practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Jonathan Vilma Releases Statement; Unhappy With Re-Issued Suspension

Jonathan Vilma has been the victim of a witch hunt from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as he continues to press forward and punish players who’s names were linked to the pay-for-performance scandal with the New Orleans Saints. Vilma has been the poster boy of punishment for Goodell and the linebacker is not happy with the re-issued suspension.

Today, after being re-suspended for the remainder of the season, Vilma released a statement on the punishment. Here is the full text of Vilma’s statement:

Rather than fairly and impartially evaluate the evidence, the Commissioner instead has wrapped his arms around the architect of pay-for-performance programs, Gregg Williams, and attributes Williams’ inflammatory language and bizarre slide shows not to Williams but to the players Williams coached.

Jonathan Vilma did not offer a bounty or any incentive to any teammate to injure an opposing player. Commissioner Goodell has now called every one of the dozen or more players and coaches a “liar” who has played the games with Jonathan and been in the locker room with Jonathan and who has sworn under oath to that fact. And to make matters worse, the Commissioner blatantly ignores other evidence that shows Jonathan did not do what the Commissioner, again, accuses him of doing. As but one example, Jonathan’s bank records show that he did not withdraw $10,000 from his account at any time during the 2009 playoffs (or at any other time), the time period when the Commissioner claims Jonathan offered that amount of money as a bounty on Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. Consistent with the Commissioner’s disregard of the evidence, he did not even request to see the bank records showing this fact.

As another example, in the sworn statements of Williams and Mike Cerullo, the people the Commissioner found “credible,” Cerullo swore under oath that he turned Jonathan’s $10,000 over to Williams after the Warner game when no one “earned the bounty,” and before the Favre game. Williams swears he never received any money from Cerullo or anyone else.

Commissioner Goodell has further damaged Jonathan’s reputation, compromised his career, and cast an unfair cloud over a fine and decent man. It is unfortunate that the process exhibited by the NFL has had no decency.

A very strong message from Vilma. Do you believe he was unfairly targeted throughout the process? Sound off in the comments section!

Should Roger Goodell have re-issued bounty suspensions?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/GizzyDJ Chris Smith

    Victim of a witch hunt? Sounds more like the pleas of a guilty man who cannot prove he is innocent because he’s not.


    Mr. Smith, (any relations to will?) You claim that these men have no evidence that proves their innocence. We do live in America where the accused are deemed innocent until proven guilty. These players do not have to prove their innocence, but the NFL and the dictator (commissioner), sorry, must prove their guilt. There is no evidence, that I’ve ever seen, that can prove beyond and shadow of a doubt that any player from the NO were paid or has paid another player to injure any opposing player. If the commissioner is willing to accept the word of two coaches (which were fired from NO), then he should also accept the word of a dozen or more current players and coaches. If he doesn’t do that, there is absolutely no credibility to his current rulings. I am not a saints fan, but do enjoy watching football. Why do you hate the Saints so much. Do I detect a bit of jealously??? Maybe the saints beat up on your team recently???

    • http://www.facebook.com/GizzyDJ Chris Smith

      I’m a happy Redskins fan who kicked the **** out of the Saints so no lol. Now we can honestly say we don’t have all the details. There is still stuff behind closed doors. What I object to is labelling Vilma as a victim. He is not a victim – he is the subject of an investigation into bounty activity. If nothing else, I find it bizarre that the players do not defend themselves. What I mean by that is that all of their actions to date have merely been delaying tactics. If the players really were completely innocent in this then they would have had all charges dismissed by now. Instead they just keep laying out injunctions to delay proceedings. The only reason Roger Goodell had to re-issue these suspensions was because he had to define them as being for a pay-to-injure program. With that done, all evidence is now back on the table. Players are innocent until proven guilty – but just the same if the evidence points to their guilt they must in turn prove their innocence by showing definitively that the evidence is either incorrect or misinterpreted to the point that it isn’t credible. To this point, the Saints players have failed in that endeavour and under the law the NFL has a very strong case because of this.

  • purplek

    Goodell is a wannabe and Mr. Smith is a loser. The are probably related.