Join Us LIVE During Sunday Night Football

Tonight during the Pittsburgh Steelers – Cincinnati Bengals Sunday Night Football showdown, we will be teaming up with the fine folks of TV Dinner to bring you the most enjoyable and interactive way to watch the game. Be sure to join us for the game and get in on the experience!

TV Dinner is an exciting iPad app that allows fans to interact live during a TV event in a fun and exciting way. You can also join the party from their website,, if you don’t own an iPad. Whether it be sports, reality television or anything that may come across the boob-tube, you are able to enjoy the experience with TV Dinner.!

On TV Dinner, you can post your thoughts, pictures with a caption and polls. The entries are called “nibbles” and they are shared with everyone watching the event with you. If someone reading enjoys your post, they can vote for you by “Cherry Picking” it. This is where the TV Dinner experience turns into a game.

Please join us for Sunday Night Football, powered by TV Dinner! It’s an event you won’t want to miss and you can enjoy the Sunday night NFL action with a group of writers from NFL Spin Zone.


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