Rendering of the proposed stadium for the San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers New Stadium To Have Fantasy Football Lounge

The San Francisco 49ers are going to have a beautiful new stadium. As details begin to emerge about what will be inside, fans across the league should be getting giddy.

While the 49ers have taken a shot at Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his palace by saying they would not have an oversized scoreboard, they are ready to appeal to fans in this new digital age of the sport. Per Darren Rovell:

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It is a brilliant marketing tactic. It seems that these days everyone and their mother plays fantasy football and cell phone signals are often overloaded at a stadium during a game so it makes it hard to check up on scores and stats around the league that could be impacting your fantasy football match ups.

The 49ers have the answer.

It’s only a matter of time until team’s around the league adopt this strategy to appeal and cater to the needs of fans in our new technologically advanced age of enjoying the sport.


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