Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Cowboys Fans Petition Obama to Remove Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys fans have had it with Jerry Jones and his control issues. Many fans have long called for him to relinquish his duties as general manager but Jerry Jones has never even considered it. Jerry Jones famously cites the Cowboys’ 3 Superbowl victories in the early 90’s as his managerial resume. But one fan, from Benning, Georgia, known as “Steve M.” has started a petition to get Jerry Jones removed as GM and owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Here is the petition:

“We, the Citizens of the Great State of Texas, and Dallas Cowboys fans worldwide, have been oppressed by an over controlling, delusional, oppressive dictator for way too long. Request the Executive Branch’s immediate assistance in removal of owner and GM, Jerry Jones. His incompetence and ego have not only been an extreme disappointment for way too long, but moreover, it has caused extreme mental and emotional duress.”

At the time of this post the petition had received 2,068 signatures. The White House will address all petitions that reach 25,000 signatures by December 23rd at 9:30 am CT so it is well short of the goal. But it also is unlikely that any President would step in between an owner and his football team or any privately owned business for that matter.

“We are not structured that way,” Jones told Dallas’ KRLD-FM. “We didn’t structure it that way with my ownership. There’s no way that I would be involved here and not be the final decision-maker on something as important as players, and that is a key area. That’s never been anybody’s misunderstanding. It’s been a debated thing, but it’s just not going to happen.”

This contradicts former coaches Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer who claim that they acted as general managers in their tenure as head coaches. Jerry Jones also famously told NBC’s Bob Costa that Jerry Jones would have fired Jerry Jones the GM.

“Well, I think so, because he was there to dismiss,” Jones said. “I have always worked for myself and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. But certainly, if I’d had the discretion, I’ve done it with coaches and certainly I would have changed a general manager.”

But he hasn’t yet.

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