Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; An Oakland Raiders fan holds the head of a dummy painted like a San Diego Chargers fan during the third quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Faithful Losing Faith?

The Oakland Raiders have been bottom feeders in the NFL basically since they appeared in a Super Bowl roughly a decade ago. They hit rock bottom got the number one draft pick and selected beastly LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell. He then went and hit rock bottom and was quickly ushered out of the NFL.

But the Raiders have always had an intimidating group of fans who sat in the “black hole” and this section of fans gave the Raiders an edge, supposedly. But now even the fans are abandoning the Raiders.

The Raiders have been struggling to sell out games and in an effort to sell out more games they’ve decided to tarp off nearly 10,000 upper deck seats to lower the capacity. This will drop maximum capacity to 53,25o seats approximately.

And this will also help the Raiders appear on TV and avoid black outs. The Associated Press explained:

The Raiders’ average attendance last season was 54,217 when they needed to sell only 85 percent of the seats to avoid local blackouts. This season, they will need a sellout to have games televised locally.

Well we know fans aren’t going to the games to watch, so it is polite of the Raiders to work their hardest to make sure fans can watch at home. This lowering of attendance will make the Oakland Coliseum the lowest capacity NFL venue.

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  • chucka1122

    Well, when you keep putting crap on the field, even the most die-hard of fans will not go to the games. I live out in Austin TX and have been a Raider fan for close to 30 years. I had an opportunity to go the Tampa Bay game with a free ticket and all I had to do was get a plane flight. I would have even had a free place to stay, but the Raiders were so terrible to even watch on tv that I would not make the journey. My time is valuable just like every other Raiders fan, and I am not going to waste a beautiful Sunday afternoon watching that crap they tried to call professional football. They were an absolute joke last year. They need to trade down and add draft picks. Get rid of players like Seymour, DHB, C. Palmer, DMac, and start over. This team sucks right now and has not made a good first round pick in years. It is brutal to watch and there is no way I am going to spend my hard earned money going to watch that terrible team. The front office better wake up, I am not the only die-hard Raider fan out there that is pist off about how bad they are. Get a clue Raiders front office!!!!

  • Joseph Budd

    It’s funny when people try to claim that the faithful are losing faith, when they don’t understand the reasoning behind the fluctuations of ticket sales. When you consider in factors like employment numbers, costs of living, even simple things like food or clothing, take priority to going to a football game. These factors make the cost of going to a football game, against sitting at home or catching it at a bar, makes a lot of difference, as well the product being put out. But at the same time, you don’t question loyalty just on how many tickets are sold. I live in South Dakota, where a single game might cost me about 3000 dollars in all to go attend. I may not attend the games, but I wear my colors proudly, collect items, cards and autographs, and hope to catch road games when I can. I still consider myself a loyal fan…just hope that one day, i’ll be able to visit Oakland properly.

    • Mike Dyce

      I agree with some of your points, and they’re valid. But that doesn’t change the fact that attendance fluctuates with a teams performance. For the better part of last decade the Mavs had no problem selling out, that wasn’t true in the 90s when they were bottom feeders.

  • Amelia Argo