Sep 9, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) carries the ball during the second quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin Could Be On The Move

With Percy Harvin reportedly looking to hold out for a new contract, the Minnesota Vikings will most likely look to cut ties with former 1st round pick. Harvin who has had problems with staff and injuries in his 4 seasons with the franchise, will enter the final ($2.9 million due for 2013) year of his rookie contract.

In 2010 Harvin and former head coach Brad Childress got into a heated discussion during practice, when both Childress and Harvin had to be separated by players before it got physical. Coming off of an ankle injury that season after playing the New England Patriots, Childress was said to be questioning Harvin’s effort on the practice field causing the confrontation.

The 2009 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year has proved to be a threat as a return specialist and on offense where he has been lined up as a running back and set as a receiver. He has battled migraine issues early in his career, which made him miss a few games but those problems have been cleared up from treatment.

The relationship between Harvin and the Minnesota Vikings is probably past the point of healing, so I think what is best for the franchise, even tho he is a key part of their offense and return game, is to get something for him instead of letting him walk away next season. In December, Harvin had another altercation with his head coach, this time Leslie Frazier.

Shortly after this argument, he was placed on the injured reserved list for an ankle injury which ended his season. The way things have played out between the franchise and Harvin, this could open up them trading Harvin and possibly bringing in free agent wide-receiver Greg Jennings.

Now when the time comes for Minnesota to listen to offers, what would the asking price be? And knowing his history with authority, are teams willing to give up what Minnesota would want to bring him in, knowing he could act the same way there. Guess we will have to see and find out.

A look at Harvin’s production in his 4 year span in Minnesota: Franchise single season record holder for combined yards (2,081), Pro Bowler (2009), Offensive Rookie of the Year (2009), 280 receptions for 3,300 yards (20 touchdowns), 107 rushing attempts for 680 yards (4 touchdowns), 114 kick return attempts for 3,180 yards (5 touchdowns) and 6 tackles recorded.


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  • Jake

    Ugh, you guys are ridiculous. It’s the same story over and over again. Harvin is a problem, Harvin has issues, Harvin has to go. None of you ever point to anything other than the one instance with Frazier to show why he is such a problem. You’re all going off speculation what other idiot sports writers are saying. You’re completely overlooking the fact the Spielman said Harvin is a good player and they’re not in the business of getting rid of good players, and Frazier’s comments recently about how he told Harvin he wants him on the team and that they need him. Stop regurgitating the same crap that every other mindless sports writer is spewing about Harvin. IF Havrin holds out, IF, he wont exactly be the first player ever to do so. Why do the Vikes have to trade him simply because he wants a new contract? His notice of a hold out means he wants a new deal FROM THE VIKINGS! He’s not holding out for a trade, he’s holding out for a new deal so he can stay with the Vikes. He wants to stay!!! You’re all idiots!

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      Take a deep breath, it is all going to be ok, I promise.

      • Jake

        It’s frustrating to see an army of you sports writers all perpetuating the same nonsense which is based on nothing more than the speculation of one guy (Mike Max). As if we don’t have to deal with enough hack journalism in the real news, now we have to deal with a gaggle of sports bloggers all trying to pass off the same regurgitated crap as news. And it’s not just this story, it’s a lot of stories. I get that you write for a sports blog website and that means you probably don’t get paid as much as a journalist for an actual news outlet (if you guys get paid at all for this) but for the sake of the reader try to put a little effort into your stories. Use a bit of common sense. A hold out means Harvin wants a new deal from the Vikings, which means he wants to stay. If he wanted a trade he would say he wants a trade. Frazier has said publicly he wants Harvin to stay. Lots of players have held out in the past without being traded away. Maybe they will trade him but until you have actual evidence to support this claim why not back away from wild speculation and try to keep things a little more in focus.

        • David Alejandro Miniel

          We report what we hear, we understand that the same thing gets said over and over and it can get frustrating for some fans. But you have to understand that we are just doing our job, it is nothing personal to the player, franchise or even fans, we are just trying to spread the news for viewers who visit our site on a daily basis. Who knows what they are going to do, in my opinion, they shouldn’t trade him because of the way he has played for them and the fact that he can line up as a split back and out in the slot. Again, we just report what we hear, nothing more. We do appreciate the comments and thoughts of our readers tho. Thank you for your comments and continue to comment if you please, we welcome everybody’s thoughts and opinions.

          • David Alejandro Miniel

            And this is coming from a Chicago Bears fan.