September 18, 2011; San Francisco, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys free safety Gerald Sensabaugh (43) tackles San Francisco 49ers running back Anthony Dixon (24) by the face mask during the first quarter at Candlestick Park. Dallas defeated San Francisco 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Top Five Gerald Sensabaugh Destinations

Counting down the days to Free Agency, only 8 days away. Time needs to speed up, this period of time is probably one of the best leading up to the season, which is a long time away.

Now, with the Dallas Cowboys finally joining the rest of the league in roster move decisions by cutting Gerald Sensabaugh and now placing a franchise tag on Anthony Spencer, i’m sure these won’t be their last.

Onto the subject of this Top Five, Gerald Sensabaugh, not an elite safety but a decent one.

Drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 5th round in 2005, he spent 4 seasons with them before he left for Dallas in 2009. Recording 138 tackles, 11 deflected and 6 interceptions while adding numbers in Dallas with 270 tackles, 24 deflected, 2 sacks and 8 interceptions.

Never been named to a pro bowl, shouldn’t be over looked by teams this off-season while looking for more depth at the Safety position. He can still contribute, though he has missed tackles, but who hasn’t. I think he has produced enough for Dallas to get the attention of some General Managers across the league who are looking for a veteran safety. Starting off with #1 on the list, let’s get this thing rolling.

1. New Orleans Saints – They are one of the teams who desperately need help when it comes to their secondary, they struggled last season and allowed opposing quarterbacks to chew them up and spit them out. They recently brought in Rob Ryan, who spent 2 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, could talk the front office of the New Orleans Saints to bring in Sensabaugh, who has spent time in his scheme. Would make a lot of sense, since he wouldn’t have to take time adjusting since he knows Ryan’s system.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Looking to get back to winning the NFC Championship once again and getting themselves back in the Super Bowl. After making the decision that they wouldn’t use their franchise tag on Dashon Goldson, who was looking for $8 million a year on a contract, Sensabaugh could be a good replacement for him. A veteran who they could bring in for a decent price, should be able to hold down his assigned position and be a mentor like player if they chose to bring in a rookie to prepare for the future.

3. New York Jets – This could be a possible destination for Sensabaugh, it just depends on what the New York Jets decide to do with LaRon Landry. If Landry leaves, that leaves a giant hole in that secondary and a cheap easy fix should be Sensabaugh. Of course, would also be a good fit considering the time Gerald Sensabaugh has spent with head coach Rex Ryan’s brother Rob. They both run the same defensive scheme, so if a fall out with LaRon Landry should happen and the New Orleans Saints take a different route, Rob should call his brother Rex and put in a good word for Sensabaugh.

4. Washington Redskins – A contender, but could still use more help when it comes to the secondary. They also run a 3-4 and as we all know, are in the same division as the Dallas Cowboys. So it would be smart for the Redskins to reach out to Sensabaugh and see if he would be interested in helping them win another division title and possibly a NFC Championship/Super Bowl. A great coach like Mike Shanahan, who wouldn’t want to play for this man?

5. New England Patriots – Tom Brady took a pay cut to help this team out, so throwing some money to bulk up the Safety position could patch this team up and get them back to their Super Bowl form. With the Patriots unsure if they will bring back Patrick Chung, they should look to Sensabaugh to be an easy replacement. They have some money to play with, so we will see what happens when it comes to this position. If they decide not to bring back Patrick Chung, they will need to address this part of the secondary as soon as possible.


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