Jan 20, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker (83) carries the ball after a catch against the Baltimore Ravens in the second quarter of the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency: Wes Welker's Top 5 Potential Teams

Wes Welker is being allowed to test free agency and surely will bring a lot of attention. As a member of the New England Patriots he has caught over 100 passes in 5 of the past 6 seasons. The downside is his age, 31, but he has a few years left in him especially as he continually churns out 100 catch 1,000 yard seasons.

So if he doesn’t return to the Patriots, what other teams might he go to?

5. Baltimore Ravens

Could Wes Welker go to one of their newest rivalries? Wes Welker and the Patriots faced the Ravens in the AFC Championship game two years in a row. But why not join them? The Ravens are considering releasing Anquan Boldin because of his cap hit, who said he’d retire if they do. He is set to make $6 million this season and Welker surely wouldn’t be a discount from that price. But with Jacoby Jones and Torrey Smith stretching the field they need that reliable underneath option, the area Welker lives in. And if you’re going to a team and want to win a Super Bowl, who better than the team that just one.

4. Detroit Lions

This is a pass heavy team, with only one real passing threat, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. And while they had a down year last year, they can be in the play off picture with Welker. They have a solid defense, a good quarterback, and the best wide receiver in the game. Nate Burleson has been relatively unproductive, Ryan Broyles is coming off another ACL tear, and Titus Young was sent home, via a short stay in St. Louis. What wide receiver wouldn’t want to play along side Megatron? If Welker was a Lion, defenses would focus on Megatron and free him up to do what he does best and compile 100 catches for over a 1,000 yards. Not to mention they play in a warm dome. If they can make a quick play for Reggie Bush, this team becomes a lot more intriguing.

3. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have Andre Johnson, who is still going strong, and that’s about it as far as wide receivers go. They have a solid tight end in Owen Daniels and one of the best running back in the league in Arian Foster. But they don’t have a solid second wide receiving threat. Wes Welker can be that man. He cleans up around the 10 yard mark catching short passes and making them into big plays. Andre Johnson has always been more of a deep threat. The two would help each other as defenses face the question of “who do we cover?” Or who do we risk  not covering and give them the opportunity to beat us. Not to mention how Arian Foster would be freed up as well as Owen Daniels. You have a division winning team and a chance at a deep playoff run.

2. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos need a check down guy, a slot guy. Why not bring in Welker? And you’d be catching passes from Peyton Manning, another legendary quarterback. Peyton Manning’s wife won’t chew you out after a loss either. Not to mention as Manning’s arm strength fades and he tries to get rid of the ball quickly to avoid being hit, Wes Welker would be the perfect slot receiver for him. Both men are chasing after the same thing, a Super Bowl win. In a weaker division they can almost guarantee a division win and a first round bye as they chase that championship hardware.

1. New England Patriots

Let’s face it, Welker and Tom Brady are pals. They make each other better. They’re constantly in the national spotlight and vying for Super Bowl success. Yes there are rumors that he might be upset that his role in the offense will diminished in the future, especially if both tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, stay healthy. But let’s be real. His role in the offense was set to diminish anyways as he gets older and older, he’s going to turn 32 this year.

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