Oct 28, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins (97) along the sidelines during the first quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field. The Falcons defeated the Eagles 30-17. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cullen Jenkins: “Dream Team” Label Made It Hard On Philadelphia Eagles

As we all trumpet free agent signings of teams like Kansas City and Miami, it’s important to remember that a promising offseason with big free agents doesn’t always translate into on field success. It was a few years ago we were all shocked at how the Philadelphia Eagles amassed weapons and quickly bestowed the label of “dream team” upon them.

How’d that turn out?

They have the 4th pick in this draft. But Cullen Jenkins told WFAN in New York that the “dream team” label weighed down the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It definitely didn’t help,” Jenkins said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “Any time you put a label on yourself like that, you’re gonna have teams sitting there waiting to pick you off. And everybody’s gonna circle you, mark you on the calendar. And it definitely brought a lot of unnecessary attention and we got the best games from everybody. And everybody couldn’t wait to knock us down, beat us, and prove to us that we weren’t as good as we thought we were.”

The 2011 season was attributed to growing pains, but the 2012 season wasn’t any better.

“We just didn’t come together like we were supposed to. Anytime you bring in especially high-priced free agents like we did — you see a lot of that going on now with free agency — guys are gonna be expected to produce and win, and winning is the most important thing, and unfortunately we weren’t able to do that,” Jenkins said. “And any time you’re not able to win, that’s gonna be how you’re remembered. And for us, we weren’t able to win so it’s gonna be remembered as an epic fail.”

He has since been released and signed with a divisional rival that values the defensive front seven, the New York Giants.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/CrazyBatmanFan Jason Osborne

    Well Mikey obviously loves his giants and sheli as his last line indicates that the giants care about a defensive front seven and the Eagles don’t, real objective reporting there. That said, when are writers and now a never was who will not do any better with the gnats than he did with us going to stop making out like anyone other than VY ever called us a dream team. It was his tweet and no one in the organization ran with it or anything. A man got excited about what was going on and called his new team a dream team, let it go. But a know nothing writer putting up an entire article that ends with a subtle slam to the Eagles is obviously going to use it to try and make a name for himself two years after it was said…


    • Mike Dyce

      Actually, I’m a Cowboys fan. The Giants have notoriously drafted heavily in their front seven and focus on their front seven. That doesn’t mean the Eagles don’t, I didn’t imply or say the Eagles don’t, you took it that way. And the quotes came from an interview with Jenkins this morning, not two years ago. But thanks for reading.

  • big daddy

    Free agents fill in they don’t win. Every super bowl winning team was built through the draft. The core of the team was from the draft. FA fill in players may have put them over the top but the success was from the core of drafted players that are a cohesive group. many players came from nowhere and are signed as UDFAs, mid round picks, even other’s castoff players who develop under the teams coaches and are considered core players.