Dec 30, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) scrambles out of the pocket against the Seattle Seahawks during the third quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams Will Be The NFL's Worst Team This Year

Come on Rams fans – even you guys know it’s the truth. You just lost two of your best players in running back, Steven Jackson and wide receiver, Danny Amendola as well as losing the services of WR Brandon Gibson and a couple of others as well. It’s not as if things weren’t bad enough for the Rams, given that they weren’t very good when they actually had all those players on their team. They finished last season 7-8-1, but I firmly predict they won’t get close to that many wins this time around.

Now, let’s be fair to them; they did well by signing offensive tackle, Jake Long who is arguably one of the elite linemen in the league and former Titans tight end, Jared cook could add a little something in the way of production, although he remains firmly in the second to third tier of players at his position.

If you take a look at their current roster, it sort of makes you want to cry if you are brave enough to call yourself a Rams fan. Quarterback Sam Bradford has all the ability to become very good in this league, and has pretty good looking career statistics, but he hasn’t always been blessed with the best receivers. And unless they upgrade things quickly, he’ll be left throwing the ball to Brian Quick, Chris Givens, Austin Pettis, and Cameron Graham. Not exactly household names.

The Rams really need to consider drafting a wide receiver with their first round pick. They will be picking 16th, and if things go their way, West Virginia’s Tavon Austin could still be available. In my opinion, he would instantly be their number one receiver and offer Sam Bradford a viable target. He is a small receiver but is quick and has good top end speed. Rams fans rejoice if your team ends up with Tavon Austin. You could do a lot worse.

If they play their cards right, a running back such as North Carolina’s Giovani Bernard could be sitting their waiting for them in the second round. Ok, so he’s not exactly Adrian Peterson, but he could prove to be a serviceable rusher, and might develop into something really good. Check some of his highlights HERE.

Defensively, the Rams aren’t in too bad shape. Last season they allowed 21.8 points per game, and gave up 342.6 yards per game as well. There’s room for improvement, but they have a good foundation to build upon. Linebacker, James Laurinaitis is developing nicely and defensive end Robert Quinn has shown he can get to the passer, racking up 10.5 sacks last season. Even though he had his issues during his college days, cornerback Janoris Jenkins has shown potential and I have him  marked as one to watch.

But let’s be honest. Right now, the best player on the St. Louis Rams is kicker, Greg Zuerlein. And when your kicker is your best player, you know you’re in trouble.

Most of the wins the Rams did manage last season were against some pretty poor opponents. Teams such as the Cardinals and the Bills were hardly striking fear into their opponents last year, were they? And their wins against Washington and San Francisco could quite easily have ended up as losses. Basically, they were pretty fortunate to come away with as many wins as they did, and, looking at their opponents this season, I don’t see them coming away with any more than four wins. Sorry, but it’s true.

Granted, there are quite a few teams that we could call awful, but I just can’t look past how ineffective the Rams look offensively, right now. Teams need great players, even if it’s just one or two, but the Rams don’t even have that. Think of your fantasy team for a minute, and then go and look at the Rams roster. How many of their players would you want on your starting lineup. None, right?

Could I be wrong? Possibly, but I doubt it. For now, I am sticking by prediction and I dare you to prove me wrong. The St. Louis Rams will indeed be the worst team in the NFL this year.


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  • NFL Mocks Crew

    I think you’re crazy, but stranger things have happened. . The Rams beat the 49ers once, and tied them another time. The Rams biggest need was offensive tackle (Jake Long signed) and they have not one first round pick, but two.

    The Rams at least have Sam Bradford and a good defense, they haven’t lost any one of consequence on defense.

    I’d be surprised if they were the worst team in the league, not when the Raiders are still out there cleaning up Al Davis mess or where the Jaguars have Blaine Gabbert as their starting quarterback

  • Frank F

    I truly don’t think I have ever read a more ignorant article in my life. You are an ignoramus and should never write an article again in your life. Also, you might want to try watching a game before commenting on a sport, because you clearly have literally no football knowledge what so ever.

    • Patrick Allen

      Why are you insulting him for having an opinion that is not the same as yours? Debate him on the merits of his argument and please don’t resort to personal attacks.

      • Nathan Kearns

        There is no debating unmerited, uneducated attacks on a franchise or fan base. When you say lines like, “the best player on the team is a kicker,” he shows he clearly has either never watched the team play or just wants attentions/comments…

        • Mike Dyce

          If an argument is so obvious wrong, shouldn’t it be so easy then to disprove it with facts and very little effort or research?

          • Nathan Kearns

            When an author clearly puts little to no effort into formulating an argument, outside of name recognition, biased/uneducated opinions on players, and a couple of “glory” stats he pulled off the front page of ESPN, it doesn’t merit an of my time or effort to refute it…

            “Right now, the best player on the St. Louis Rams is kicker, Greg Zuerlein.” Statements like those shouldn’t be made my anyone outside of Greg Zuerlein’s mother and best friend…

            “And unless they upgrade things quickly, he’ll be left throwing the ball to Brian Quick, Chris Givens, Austin Pettis, and Cameron Graham. Not exactly household names.” Yes, based off of name appeal alone, those are not the best names in the NFL, but considering the Lance Kendricks is our starting tight end, it would make it difficult to use Graham as a target. The guy doesn’t even know the Rams’ roster, even after dropping a link it…

            “If you take a look at their current roster, it sort of makes you want to cry if you are brave enough to call yourself a Rams fan.” Senseless line, especially considering he is obviously not a Rams’ fan and does not have any gauge of their opinion on the roster. The other comments are a good representation of that…

            He doesn’t deserve a refute for this garbage, and doesn’t deserve for people like yourself to defend him

          • Mike Dyce

            I disagreed with him, you can see my comment from yesterday below. You say he is wrong and can’t make claims based on “name recognition” or “biased/uneducated opinions on players, and a couple of ‘glory’ stats he pulled off the front page of ESPN” then make the same lazy response in response. So we’re supposed to take your word that that cast of receivers will be better next year? I mean I provided a telling stat that I think shows he is wrong. And it seems to me, that if he were so obviously wrong, which I stated I think he is, shouldn’t it be easy to refute him? The fact that certain outraged individuals (not necessarily you alone) on this feed are upset show that they are purely ‘homers’ and can’t find stats to refute this argument. I mean I can find stats for both sides of the argument, but I personally don’t agree, and there are obvious stats no one has mentioned here. I made an intelligent argument, presenting a stat I think is relevant and overlooked, I didn’t take the lazy “it doesn’t deserve a rebuttal” approach.

          • Brandon Nanza Sams

            jus shut up dude ur missin the whole point

          • Mike Dyce

            The point is, just don’t call him an idiot or names. If you think hes wrong, show us why. I thought he was wrong, I posted a comment stating why I thought he was wrong. I didn’t call him names. Simply calling him names doesn’t get you respect, doesn’t make others see your side. It’s lazy, its childish, and it’s disrespectful. All the things you’re accusing him of being.

          • Brandon Nanza Sams

            exactly bro

  • Procoro Arias

    This article is nonsense,and I will defend my team,stating that we have a young talented defense,we still have Daryl Richardson,which he’s going to improve drastically in the 2012-13 season,because he’s able to stay healthy,we added Cook,and Long to the offense as well,which gives Bradford more of a cushion.Cook’s considered one of the best players at his position,and I believe he’ll be greater this season,since he has a QB like Bradford to get him those yards,and receptions.I see Jake Long turning around this season,and making a statement,that he’s not officially done,I see him pulling off 2-3 good seasons on The Rams offensive line.Also The Rams have 2 #1 draft picks,and Fisher’s going to be a mastermind in the draft,and get the players that we NEED! to build our team back up.My team The Rams also will see Bradford with Scott as the offensive coordinator for another season,so that’s going to improve his stats overall.

    Posting this article was a waste of time,because NONE! of this stuff is even true.Now since I posted these facts,your opinion’s are nothing but false accusations.

  • Dustin Wendegatz

    Dude you are nuts. The rams outplayed playoff teams multiple times last year and we are only getting better. Jags, cards, raiders, browns, cowboys, redskins, panthers, lions, bears, buccaneers, chargers, bills, titans, eagles, vikings,dolphins, steelers, jets, niners, chiefs, will all be worse than the rams

  • Josh Carter

    With all the picks they got for RG3, I doubt they’re the worst team, I hate to say it but the Jets are in a worse position right now. At least the Rams have a startable QB

  • Starstrider

    This writer obviously does not know the Rams. Outside of Steven Jackson and Amedola, the other losses weren’t that that bad. Rams do have 2 first round picks this year, and Chris Given is a good receiver. Brian Quick has the potential to be one as well. Running back wise, Daryl Richardson and perhaps Isiah Pead may be just fine. Dave Gilbert is wrong, very wrong. Can we say “troll”?

    • Scott Derechinsky

      Not to mention, we still have the Draft. Fisher and staff proved they know how to Draft with the addition of Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Daryl Richardson, Chris Givens, Greg Zeurlein….

  • joshsanchez

    Uhmm, I would venture to say they are one of the most improved teams so far this offseason. Have you seen the Jaguars and Raiders rosters? Doesn’t get any worse than that.

  • Mike Dyce

    Until the last week of the season the Rams were undefeated in a division with two playoff teams. We almost saw an all NFC West NFC Championship game and they went 4-1-1 in their division. Lots of upside. 2 first round draft picks to fill holes.

  • Scott Derechinsky

    All I have to say is you BETTER not get paid for these articles. If your other articles are as STUPID as this one, you may be the DUMBEST person on the planet. The Rams are making the Playoffs this year. And I want you to save this comment so we can discuss together how STUPID you look. Deal?

    • Mike Dyce

      I was tempted to say that they’d make the playoffs too, or contend, but they’re in a tough division and likely only two are getting out. NFC West will be fun to watch this year.

    • Patrick Allen

      Why not tell us why you think that rather than insult the person who wrote this? Calling someone dumb doesn’t make you win an argument. Your argument makes you win an argument. He made one. Where is yours?

      • Jerry K Chyo

        Sometimes there is no argument. The author is a supposed expert and wrote an article that was beyond ridiculous. He obviously did no research or talked with anyone with an inkling of insight into what’s happening with the Rams. At this point I even doubt he knows ANYTHING about football. By virtue of that he has opened himself up to ridicule. He’s fair game. His opinion is supposedly based on fact and the only facts he has are surface facts. It WAS the dumbest article I have read in a long time and I have no problem with someone calling him on it. So take your Pollyanna views and go post on the sissylala forum.

        • Patrick Allen

          Nowhere does he claim to be an expert. He is giving his opinion. I could say I think your opinion is stupid but that doesn’t make your opinion wrong.

          He is giving his honest evaluation of how he thinks the team will do. You are calling him out for what you think is a lazy evaluation of the team and yet you offer up the same lazy evaluation of his article.

          He does put himself up to be criticized by stating his opinion publicly and you get call him an idiot because you disagree with him but doing so adds no merit to your opinion because you have provided no specific examples as to why you disagree.

          Debate the man on the merit of his arguments with arguments of your own. Otherwise you aren’t an active participant in a conversation you are just trolling someone you disagree with.

          Again, I am not saying he is right but if people will insult him personally for his opinion then I will call those people out for not bothering to provide arguments of their own. There are solid arguments to the contrary of this article below. They are respectful and add to the dialogue.

          • Jim Keyser

            What are you his body guard. Your work is a reflection of yourself and, therefore, it is very personal. So why is it a crime to call someone who is presenting themself as a a sports writer an idiot when they write a pathetic article that has no substance, fact, or real purpose other than to stir the pot. The “personal insults” are directly related to the article, which again is a reflection of the writer. Therefore, if the article itself is ignorant and blatantly stupid then it would be correct to label the author as an idiot.

          • Mike Dyce

            He’s making the point that if you don’t offer any facts, stats, or “proof” that his article has no substance then you can’t call him ignorant or stupid because you haven’t proven him wrong. And if you can’t prove him wrong, that leaves you with nothing left but insults. If he is so blatantly wrong, wouldn’t it be obvious for someone to make a counterpoint with facts rather easily? I mean they’re, according to you, more intelligent than the writer?Because people comment and call him an idiot we’re supposed to believe them instead? Even when they do so and use a fake name (not saying you in particular), or “username?”

          • Matty Ice

            damn dude get off the writers dick… ur obviously a sissy lil girl,… anyone and their grandma can tell u this guys an idiot and doesn’t know what hes talking about,… expert or not don’t write an article if you don’t know what your talking about

          • Mike Dyce

            So much stupidity in that comment I don’t know how else to respond.

          • Patrick Allen

            Hilarious. “Matty Ice.” Way to wrap up homophobia, sexism and old ladies in one atrocious display of the English language. What a mindbogglingly awesome sentence…if you can call it a sentence. Encouraging to see our public school system churning out such intelligent, thoughtful kids. I don’t live in Missouri but if I did, I’d be glad my tax money was used for 12 years to teach young men like yourself to express themselves by telling people they disagree with to “get off a dick.” Who needs sound reasoning skills and courtesy when you can simply bust out a little misogyny. I see big things in store for you down the road. I can’t wait to see your retort. I am sure it will be equally as mesmerizing.

          • Brandon Nanza Sams

            dudddeee again shutup lol

          • Brandon Nanza Sams

            dudddeee again shutup lol

          • Mike Dyce

            Could you shut up? Your comments are lazy, is it cause you can’t think of a response other than “shut up?”

      • Brandon Nanza Sams

        dudeee shupt up pleasssee tired of u whining get off yo period

        • Mike Dyce

          The further down I scroll and the more I read your comments I am beginning to realize that what I thought about your intelligence is most likely true. Sad, you have nothing of real substance to say or contribute.

  • Corey

    You are an idiot

  • Wow

    To succed in the game of football you need a good D line and a good O line. WIth Long at LT Watkins at LG Scott Wells at C Rob Turner at RG and Saffold at RT i feel we finally have a decent O line. You are horrible at writing articles, and a shitty journalist. You should be ashamed.

  • mterrell

    You clearly forget that we led the leauge in sacks. This article is trash. Sam Bradfords numbers are damn near identical to the top quaterbacks in the leauge when they were at the same stage in their career Bradford is now. We have one of the best head coaches in the game and there was a lot more games we should’ve won. We will make the playoffs

  • Clyron Quick

    Do you realize the Rams beat the Seahawks AND 49ers last year? With a FIRST year coach and FIRST year GM? The future is VERY bright for the St. Louis Rams you are out of your ever loving mind

  • Nick Wong

    HAHA Dave Glibert you are a sorry sports. probably a writer trying desperately trying to get reads because your previous articles are shit. and you have done a fine job on stirring up the pot, ill give you that but is this what sports writing has come to? the ONLY way you get reads is to negatively beat down a team YOU DO NOT KNOW OR HAVE EVER WATCHED. your previous article you bashed OLinemen stating they are irrelevant? tell that to jake long and his hot wife plus a 34 million dollar contract. probably beats your monthly income. you are a sorry excuse for a writer. We will see who is the worst team the NFL and im betting its not gonna be the Rams.

  • Mark

    Wanna bet? I’ll even give you that the Rams will be a bottom 10 team. We have a top 10 draft pick, you win. THE most ignorant article I’ve ever read.

  • Beer O’Clock

    Yes, let’s be honest: Your article is a crock of sh*t.

    This isn’t analysis, it’s some air-headed fan of another NFC West team trolling with his spittoon full of delusional smack.

    Who let’s these things on here? I think I’m going hang at the Bleacher report. Their writers give analysis and actually know the game.

    FYI to author of this article: Chris Given’s had a helluva year for a rookie WR, the Rams went 1-0-1 last year against the NFC Super Bowl representative, beat two other playoff teams, lead the NFL in sacks, have shored up their offensive line, have two first round draft picks coming up (two more the following year) and last year had the youngest team in the last 14 years in the NFL–one of the youngest ever–with a plus five win differential from the previous year.

  • Mike Bucci

    Is this guy serious? This site just lost all credibility. This article is complete nonsense.

    • Mike Dyce

      Any arguments/stats to prove the contrary?

      • Michael Malone

        Did the not so knowledgeable author have any stats or arguments that supported his claim that the Rams will be worst? I have a bunch of stats from 2011 to 2012 that suggest a team on the incline.

        • Mike Dyce

          Please, share them.

          • Michael Malone

            Lmao do i really have to go get a link. Going from 1-15 to 7-9 is a pretty strong indicate.

          • Mike Dyce

            First, they went from 2-14 to 7-9. Second, the last time they went 7-9 (2010), the followed that season up by going 2-14 (2011). I mean look at the 2011 and 2012 Detroit Lions. Things happen. They went from 10-6 to 4-12.

          • Danrarbc

            They were also coached by the clapper and made no meaningful additions in that offseason. They were also very old – old + no additions for depth = bad year.

          • Mike Dyce

            It happened to the Lions, and they were arguably a better team. Things happen. Not saying I think it will. I’m just saying, they happen. And can you really feel that confident that they won’t? I mean I don’t think they will, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

  • Michael Malone

    You know Rams fans i think Dave Gilbert is going to be the worst columnist i mean guy with a typewriter this year. It is a safe bet because he has sucked for years so i bet he will suck this year.
    Hack writers like you have been slamming the Rams for years. That is how you made your bread and butter. The Rams sucked the last decade but not last year and not this year.
    Baltimore lost way more stars then we did. Why aren’t you picking on them? Because you suck at your job and don’t have an opinion of your own.Just go with normality and fanfare.

  • HornIt

    The Rams defense and Special Teams will keep them competitive, like it did last year. Their offense is still in desperate need of a difference maker at QB who can actually produce points. They’ve been getting young playmakers on offense, but they need one at QB and don’t have one. Won’t be the worst team in the NFL, but will be 3rd in the division.

    • Mike Dyce

      They do play in a tough division. It’ll be fun to watch the NFC West. Thank you for your comment.

  • James Knox

    The Rams have a strong defense that was highlighted by Brockers and Jenkins, both rookies; and both who will be better. Offensively, the Rams will be just fine. Givens has proven he can be a deep threat, and also adapt his game when that’s not an option. Pettis was huge on fourth down, and in the red zone. The addition of Jared Cook opens up the slot and he can run a seam. I think you’re crazy, and I also think that the Rams could vie for a Wild Card spot in the NFC. The Rams are addressing their needs, and doing a fine job of it.

    • Mike Dyce

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Jared Diede

    This guy is just a hater. The rams must have beat his favorite team last year

  • CincinnatiMike

    The Rams were in need of much more than a one year fix – but I think the Bills, The Raiders or the Jags will sieze the worst in league trophy this year.

    • Mike Dyce

      Those 3 teams have to be the front runners.

  • Ramzfan

    You are living proof Dave, that you don’t have to use your head to be a writer…!

  • Ramzfan

    Did you write this entire article with Crayons…? I can’t believe they’d allow you to have anything SHARP in there with you…!

  • Tim Brownson

    This is sooooo funny. The Rams D isn’t ‘too bad’ LMAO! No mention of Brockers who was coming on like a beast after he shook of his injury and Chris Long who has become a perennial double digit sack guy.

    So the team who gained more sacks than any other and San Fran failed to beat twice and Seattle struggled to get a win against at home when in the middle of their hot run, and who hasn’t lost a significant player on D AND has 2 1st round draft picks for an excellent head coach to play with is going to be dead last, huh?

    When is your post titled “Why Cleveland, Oakland, Carolina and Arizona will make up championship weekend” due out?

  • Disappointed reader.

    I was originally very angry when I read this article. But after reading through a couple more of your articles it is very obvious that your knowledge of football stops at trivial statistics. It is even more obvious in your article on offensive linemen. You do not truly know football and you obviously write for shock value to get readers.

  • mongo

    We don’t get credit for wins over 9ers and skins cause they were close? Nice assessment.

    • Mike Dyce

      You get credit, I don’t think you can hang your hat on them. The ball could bounce the other way next season and those could be Ls.

  • Brandon Nanza Sams

    this is the worse article ever one you have no facts to back anything up the rams have done nothing but get better they are the youngest team in the league they are setup beautiful for the future and finally gettin the o line together are u retarded? u shouldnt b writing articles if u truly believe this the rams wiill def finish in top18 maybe 15 u are a dumb ass i could name ten teams that are worse than the rams fisher is a great coach EVERBODY LIKE MY COMMENTS IF U ALSO AGREE DAVE GILBERT IS A DUMB ASS lol

  • Savbull

    The rams best player is their kicker? Are you serious dude? Chris Long(T-9th) and Robert Quinn(T-17th) both were near the tops in the league in sacks…Janoris Jenkins had 4 defensive TDs in his rookie year.

    How can you just brush off the team’s wins over good opponents last year? Because the games were close? That garbage dude, a team that knows how to win close games is a good team. Oh sure they could have lost, BUT THEY DIDN’T

    • Mike Dyce

      Yeah, he had a bottom 5 field goals made % last season. Ahead of only Mason Crosby and David Akers.

  • Aaron

    the NFL related opinions of a sports writer from London mean less than nothing to me. The Rams are trending upward, and they will be better than at least half of the teams in the NFL this year. You’re entitled your opinion, even if its wrong, but I’m entitled to my opinion that you don’t know shit about football.

    The best player on the Rams is the kicker? Jake Long, Chris Long, Cortland Finnegan, James Laurinaitis, Janoris Jenkins, Sam Bradford, I could go on but there’s really no point.

  • Zach Jones

    Amendola played 12 games in the last two seasons and is no where near the best player on the team. Jared cook will replace Amendola’s position and production. Jackson only left because we have other guys that need touches and he wasn’t prepared to share which means we obviously aren’t hurting at RB. We led the league in sacks last year and all of our impact players on defense return. Richardson, Jenkins, Brockers and Givens had excellent rookie seasons and have no where to go but up. We have an easier schedule next year. I have about twenty other legitimate reason you pulled this article out of your ass but I feel I have said enough. I sincerely hope you don’t get paid to write vapid articles like this. If so I would suggest to who ever runs this site that they are better suited burning that money in a trash can. There are plenty of other people more qualified and more dedicated to sports journalism than you and would work for free.

    • Mike Dyce

      Fisher says, players get better their second season. I think the Rams will keep climbing. I really feel they need to win more non-division games (last year they went 3-7) to succeed. They can’t count on going 4-1-1 in their division again. If they go 3-3 in their division and 6-4 outside, that’s 9-7 and could put them in contention for a wild card berth.

  • Richard Jacobs

    Why does this dick think he has all the answers? The Rams will be better this year and if you don’t think the addition of Jake Long will help then you don’t know football I do however agree that someone has to step up for the passing attack to be successful but it’s been tried and tested and rookies that are going to shine will do so in their second year so we have to wait and see I think that the coaching staff will do their job and the Rams will be solid this year

    • Mike Dyce

      If the Rams can give protection to Bradford he’s capable of making throws with time. Could make the team better. I think they’ll have a good year, they need to win games outside their division, their division is tough.

  • drewspinoso

    I’m always shocked when people say that the best way to have a good team is with good receivers. Last year we had good receivers and crappy protection. Remember the TE stayed in and blocked cuz we were so worried about sacks. Well a good line will make good receivers great! Bradford will shine this year. The O line is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Well that was exploited a lot!

    • drewspinoso

      Look at the D line last year………………it improved drastically! Don’t get rapped up in receivers like grade school kids.

      • Mike Dyce

        As a Cowboys fan, I can tell you I appreciate the O-Line. I agree that a good line will make receivers better, and Bradford better. He can make the throws he is capable of with time.

  • Ron Baker

    Dear Dave Gilbert (the jackmo who posted this),

    Actually the Rams let go of 2 WR’s that nobody originally wanted, who’re basically practice squad players (Amendola & Gibson), that they’re exchanging for 2 pro bowl WR’s (Jared Cook FA & Tavon Austin/Corradell Paterson/DeAndre Hopkins/Robert Woods from the draft etc). If they wanted to keep Brokendola and Gimpson they could have.

    They lost an expensive aging often injured RB veteran (StevenJackson) but will replace him with someone better stronger younger quicker (Ganaway/Pead/Richardson/Eddie Lacy/Montee Ball etc) – maybe even two of them.

    They lost a journeyman O-lineman (Robert Turner) who’ll be replaced by a 4-time pro bowler (Jake Long) and a future 4-5 time pro bowler (Chance Warmack), and another future pro bowl RT (Saffold) who’s fantastic on the right side and will be moving to that position.

    The QB will know the offense going into training camp for the first time in his career. All the rookies form last year should be better. So what part about any of that is bad?

    1st round: Warmack and Austin/Patterson. 2nd round: Eddie Lacy, or 3rd round Montee Ball if they want to take a safety in the 2nd etc. They could even get a backup guard/OT in the 4th/5th/6th etc.

    So after the draft ALL skill positions on offense will be instantly
    better than 2012 including TE, while the Rams also save money.

    You can thank me later for clearing that up for you.

    • Mike Dyce

      You’re argument though, is based on a lot of “ifs” If the Rams take this player, and “if” he becomes a pro bowl player. Those are fine and great to have hope. As a Cowboys fan, I can tell you I know how to cling to hope. But those aren’t really evidence that he’s wrong. I mean you basically state that the Rams are going to draft nothing but Pro Bowlers, and if it were that easy wouldn’t every team do it? And you’re assuming Cook will become a Pro Bowler, cause he hasn’t been yet. And you think Montee Ball is dropping to the 3rd round? I mean, in a perfect world. You basically wrote the same kind of “column” Dave did just to the other extreme. Nothing of any real substance to base your response on other than hopes, wishes and dreams.

  • Jack Straw

    Jeff Fisher is a top 5 NFl coach, he will never coach the worst team in the league
    The 2013 Rams are built to beat the Seahawks/Niners…
    People think their WRs are not any good, just because they are young and have not had opportunities
    As a fan I am glad to see Jackson and Amendola gone, they were solid players, but it was time to move on, clearly they didn’t fit into Fisher’s long term plan..
    Dozens of players emerge as stars every year in the NFL, Chris Givens and Jared Cook should have monster seasons. Look for Brian Quick to put up good numbers(Isaac Bruce didn’t do very well his rookie year…neither did most of the greats)
    And next year will be the first time to give Bradford a fair assessment. Will not be a huge numbers guy, but last year he showed signs of being clutch and knowing how to win.
    Rams led the NFL in sacks last year; take into account they were never playing with a huge lead forcing opposition to pass a ton in desperation and don’t have very effective blitzing linebackers(unlike the Broncos, who tied the Rams)
    Long, Quinn, Brockers, Langford, Sims, and Hayes may very well be the best defensive line in the NFL.
    Need to add some good safeties, but Jenkins/Finnegan/Tru Johnson are very good CBs
    The team is very young, so they are going to be inconsistent and they did lead the league in penalties last year. 2013 may not be playoff bound, but 2014 expect a top 5 NFL team.
    Niners and Seahawks have ‘fad quarterbacks’ they will struggle to stay healthy and are wayyyy over hyped, no superbowl winner has ever had a scrambling QB…Vince Young even had a good season or 2….look who is coach was.

  • Rick Fortin

    You know nothing, go back to the wonderful world of fast food.

  • DennyJenny Zuasola Springerley

    Apparently you did not watch the same Ram’s games as I did, First the Ram’s had the fourth toughest schedule in 2012.The Ram’s were the only NFL team to beat both Seattle and San Francisco , and Seattle barely beat them at their home field .The Ram’s played every tough and close with a chance to win except for three games. Ram’s tie for 1st sacks at 52, several weeks in a row the defense ranked in the top 10 finished 14th.The offense was not elite for sure but yet they managed to do enough to win 7 games, and if the Ram’s did not have some bad breaks in three of those close games the Ram’s could have finish at least 10-5-1. I don’t know what planet you came from but your logic of football and the Ram’s is that of a baboon. You call yourself a writer when all you can do is say nothing but negativity and cut down payer’s and a NFL team if this is what you think makes you look smart then you are totally a moron. Sure You can say it is your opinion, well let me give you my opinion you are one of the worst journalist I ever seen, that doesn’t have clue what you are talking about when comes to the real facts. believe me the Ram’s will definitely prove you wrong in 2013. it’s time for you to grow up and get a realty check what a writer should do. No one wants to hear negative bull shit. And here is another opinion I have for you that you are nothing but a real Ass Hole

  • DM Lane

    After the draft you could not be more wrong…while not a top 10 team yet…with this years draft they will hardly be the worst…your crystal ball is broken and needs replacing…