Dec 30, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn (15) warms up before a game against the St. Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Flynn Ready To Compete For Oakland Raiders Starting QB Job

When Carson Palmer was on his way out of Oakland, it looked like Terrelle Pryor was going to inherit the role. Then the Oakland Raiders traded for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn and instantly creating a quarterback competition in the Bay area.

But Flynn, who lost the job last year to rookie Russell Wilson, isn’t afraid of a little competition.

“I want everything that I get to be earned. I don’t wanna be given anything. I love competition; I love doing that whole deal. I really do,” Flynn said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “I feel like I thrive on it and play better with it.”

While losing the starting job to a undersized rookie last season could have shaken his confidence, Flynn says it serves as motivation for the future.

“I want that more now. It’s lit a hotter fire under my tail, so it’s something that I’m gonna give it 100 percent.”

He was asked if it is tough to overcome having one year of college experience as a starter, and only a few NFL games under his belt.

“I don’t look at it that way. I have found a way to develop myself as a player by watching and making the most of every rep that I’ve gotten, whether it’s in practice or whether it’s in the game,” Flynn said.

“Definitely there’s an experience level that comes with it that you can’t gain by being in practice and stuff, but I don’t look at it as saying, ‘Wow, this is gonna be a tough job.’ … I look at it as an exciting opportunity that I have to come in here and compete. I get to come in here and compete to be the starter, and what an opportunity that is.”

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  • Jay Haskins

    Here’s the bottom line. Matt Flynn is a backup QB. Period. A good one, but that’s what he is. You see no other team came after him right? Hell, Buffalo was looking for a QB. But they chose to sign Kevin Kolb. That’s right, Kevin Kolb! instead of trading for Flynn. Which would have been cheaper considering Flynn had only 2 mil guaranteed remaining on his contract. And Arizona, look what they’re paying Carson Palmer. 10 mil guaranteed! They also could have traded for Flynn for much cheaper. That speaks volumes. Look, If there was any doubt about where Flynn stands in this league, it was proven last year in Seattle. I believe that’s how most GMs see it. But Reggie saw what happened with that Seattle situation, the competition betwwen Russell Wilson and Flynn, and decided to copy it.

    And so it is. Terrelle Pryor and Flynn will battle it out. But I fully expect Pryor to win the job. Why? Because he’s putting in some serious work, and he’s not a back up. He’s a stud with a STRONG will to win, and who WANTS to be there to lead that team. That’s saying a lot considering Palmer DIDN’T want to be there, and the Raiders had to give Flynn, a guy nobody else wanted, more $$ just to get on the plane

  • Max Paik

    Jay D.Allen isn’t this unaware guy everyone presumes him to be. The guy won a Super Bowl didnt he. It’s not about the competition they are making it into. What Flynn did is buy this team time to draft someone worthy of wearing the silver and black. Your gunna say why not Kevin Kolb then. I think this was a way for Reggie to bring in some excitement to the fans this season, he has all of two starts so this guy really is UNKOWN. Pryor has potential also he won the rose bowl, yet in his first start we watched as this guy turns his back to the line, any qb who does that is gonna be injured week 5, that being said who watched RG3 the best mobile qb in my opinion go down in the post season. It’s too hard a league for mobile qbs. Anyone who throws 6 TDS (Flynn) raises an eyebrow, Flynn deserves a starting job for once he been in the league 5 years that’s longer than Pryor both dont have too much experience but like I said this move either pans out or ” just bought us time for next year”