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Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals Show Interest In JaMarcus Russell

Yes you read the headline correctly, the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals have reportedly shown interest in LSU star and former #1 pick JaMarcus Russell. Now we all know his story and what happened, but if you have forgotten, he was arrested in 2010 for possession of codeine syrup or purple drank, which is slang for this substance.

Now I know what you are thinking, the picture for this article doesn’t show JaMarcus Russell. You are right, because there were no pictures available for JaMarcus Russell from his days with the Oakland Raiders available for me to use, but these two teams are for some reason, interested in this man. I had no idea that he would be back, I never even really entertained the thought of seeing JaMarcus Russell back in the league, let alone the Chicago Bears having interest in him.

He had an awesome college career and rightfully so, was the #1 pick back in the 2007 draft for the Oakland Raiders. When he was playing ball at Louisiana State University, he beat out now Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn to become the Tigers starting quarterback once again in his junior season after he injured his shoulder the season before. After the injury his sophomore season, Flynn took over for the Peach Bowl and lead the Tigers to a steam roll victory over the University of Miami Hurricanes, defeating them 40-3.

Before getting arrested and missing action in the league for the trouble he got himself into, Russell was thought to be the franchise quarterback Oakland was looking for. Throwing 18 touchdowns along with 23 interceptions and 4,083 passing yards. When he left the league in 2009, he weighed around 260 pounds, which is somewhat big for a quarterback, but I am hearing that he now weighs around 310 pounds. What quarterback is going to even compete for a starting or back up role, weighing around 310 pounds? I mean if the guy learned his lesson and could still do it, more power too him. But being a Chicago Bears fan, I hope this is doesn’t actually happen and they sign him to any sort of deal. They allowed Brian Urlacher walk away, but bring in a 310 pound quarterback? A move like this wouldn’t make much sense.

I can’t really see how any team is interested in him with the shape he is in. Unless he is looking to change positions and contribute in another spot on the field, then maybe, yeah maybe, see what he has to offer then think about giving him a contract. I understand you should never give up on players, no matter what mistakes they have made, but I was for sure JaMarcus Russell was out of the National Football League for good. I am not taking anything away from him, I was a fan of the guy when he played for LSU and I respected him a lot, but I wouldn’t want to see him standing on the Chicago Bears sideline, eating away precious cap space that could have went to another position that needs to be filled. If it is for any other team, great, Arizona Cardinals should pursue him if they believe he could still play.

At that weight he is at right now, I just can’t see him coming back to the league as a quarterback. Maybe he could take a Tim Tebow role and get a few designed plays here and there, or even become a personal blocker for the Punter. Who knows, maybe the New York Jets would like to have Tim Tebow and JaMarcus Russell on the same roster, not saying one is better than the other, but this is the only possible way I see Russell coming back into this league. Since he has been out of the league, the competition with teams for the quarterback position have either been out of reach or way too competitive and have been decided last minute.

I’m just saying, not just a fan of the National Football League but the Chicago Bears, I do not want to see money that could be given to a player with possible value, than a guy who has spent a few years away from the league. I respect that he is looking to come back and it shows me that he hasn’t lost his passion for the game, most guys would have quit, but let him become someone else’s project. If Arizona decides to sign him, good, he could become the back up to whoever backs up former Oakland Raider’s quarterback Carson Palmer. Let him become the come back Tim Tebow for the Arizona Cardinals and see if they get any success out of this decision. Other teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, St. Louis Rams could make this guy a hands on project considering they aren’t really playoff contenders, no offence to the fans who read this.

But whoever decides to pick him up, needs to put him through an intense work out program to get him to drop weight, he may not reach that 260 mark again, maybe not as fast but it could be somewhat of a start. Just hope he can stay out of trouble, keep his head above water and continue his road back to the National Football League, no matter what team he is with. Even if it is with my Chicago Bears (cringe), everybody deserves a second chance, just hope it works out for the best.

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  • Nathan Kearns

    Chicago is such a playoff contender, with all of their updates this offseason and their extremely young and deep roster…

    If you genuinely believe the St. Louis Rams are on the same level as the Bills or the Titans, maybe we weren’t watching the same NFL last season

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      I never said they were on the same level as the Bills, I just said they weren’t really playoff ready. So calm down, huh?

      • David Alejandro Miniel

        Thanks for the comment though.

      • Nathan Kearns

        What is your rationale behind including them on that list then… just because?

        The Rams were two wins at the end of the season away from getting the last Wild Card slot; needing only to beat the Seahawks and Vikings. They won 4 of their last 6 games of the regular season; holding a Seattle team that had averaged 50 point over the previous 3 games to only 20, in a 7 point loss

        St. Louis went 4-1-1 in the NFC West, and did so playing in several games without their full compliment of player offensively (which was already limited)

        Since then, they have rid themselves of the biggest handicap on the roster, Craig Dahl. They lost Steven Jackson (who was hurt for a majority of the first half of the season) and Danny Amendola (who was hurt all of 2011 and most of 2012). However, those were “expected” losses, and will allow the offense to be more creative, as opposed to merely handing the ball to Jackson and passing on 3rd and Long to Amendola. Fisher prefers running out of a back-by-committee system, which gives more flexibility to the OC and the QB, which was simply not an option with Jackson demanding 20-25 carries per game…

        The team already has a 2nd rounder from 2012, Isaiah Pead, to groom in the offense and will have Daryl Richardson in the backfield; who finished with 98 carries for 475 yards (4.8 yards/attempt, 7th among running backs with 90+ attempts), averaged 2.8 yards after contact, and broke at least one tackle on 11.2% of attempts. To put that in perspective, Peterson averaged a broken tackle 18.3% of attempts, Jackson on only 8.5%.

        However, in return for losing Jackson/Amendola, the Rams pulled in the best LT (Long) and, arguably, the best pass-catching, hybrid TE (Cook) in free agency. They will also be, for the first time in Bradford’s career, playing in the same offensive system for the second year in a row. And playing with, what should be, the best receiver corps that the Rams have had in half of a decade, with young players like Givens, Quick, Cook, and Kendricks! Plus…

        They also have 3 picks in the Top 50 of the 2013 NFL Draft; likely meaning more play makers (Patterson or Austin) on the offensive side of the football and competency in the deep secondary (Vaccaro or Elam).

        Most importantly, the entire starting offensive line, at this point, will be returning healthy; whereas, last season, the offense played behind a 2nd-3rd string LT (Hunter/Barksdale), 3rd-4th string LG (Ojinnaka/Smith/etc), 2nd-string C (Turner), and Barry Richardson (who may have been the worst of them all).

        With the relative, projected “ease” of schedule in 2013, the St. Louis Rams should be able to find their way to a 10-win season. Just looking at the schedule, it wouldn’t be unheard of to see wins against: Arizona 2x, Tennessee (home), Carolina (away), Dallas (away), Bucs (home), Saints (home), Chicago (home), and going 50/50 against Seattle and San Francisco (went 2-1-1 last season). That is granting Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Houston wins, which is generous given the personnel and coaching changes in Indy/Houston…

        NFC Playoff Race should have: 49ers, Seahawks, Falcons, and maybe, Green Bay penciled in as “likely,” but no one else…

        1. Minnesota loses their best offensive weapon outside of Adrian Peterson and made no upgrades to either the offense or defense…

        2. Redskins have no clue how RG3 will return, and are still feeling the hit against the by the NFL for throwing around too much $$$ during the “cap free” season

        3. Cowboys are the Cowboys, and have done nothing this offseason aside from hand Romo $50M

        4. Bucs were exposed at the end of the season, and their biggest move of the offseason is likely the “rumors” about getting a cornerback coming off of a severe, season-ending kne injury

        5. Bears have yet to improve their WR corps, and haven’t made any big moves outside of Bushrod, who gave up 4 sacks and a LEAGUE LEADING 46 hurries on the quarterback last season! Cutler is coming off of a head injury, which could mean any number of things. And the team is coming off a season where they lost 5 of their last 8 games, with two of those wins coming against the Lions and the Cardinals…

        Rams are playoff ready, pssssssht…

        • Phuckyiu

          Lol this’ll guy is a moron. Talk to me in 5 years when they make the playoffs. St Louis has nothing. They lost their best receiver their RB.

          And signed a broke LT in long.

          Sorry but bushrod is better than long
          Last 2 years long has finished the year on IR. Bet you didn’t know that.

          Idiot. Rams are but, you’re an idiot

          • Nathan Kearns

            Upper body soft tissue injured are sooooo horrible and difficult to come back from?!

            Come back with some actually facts, or some logical argument, aside from resorting to name calling like a prepubescent boy.

  • WhiteShadow

    LOLOL. Suckers

  • Brian Paddock

    Not sayin it’s a good move, but please do your research. He was down to 288 almost two weeks ago. I’m sure you can take a few off of that total since…

  • David A Maupin

    You contradict yourself. He is coming back because he is broke and didn’t learn anything in college to get a real job. Its a last ditch effort. He got a taste of the real world. First you said anybody but the Bears then St the end you say even if it is the Bears (cringe). I will be the first to admit I don’t want him even looking at a Bears uniform . If he couldn’t do it then he isn’t going to all of a sudden click now being off a few years and out of shape. JR coming back and the possibility that he will is a JOKE. Construction is his destination. And not outing that job down but its reality.

  • Bryan Z

    David, you should do more research before writing your story. I’m not saying Chicago should or shouldn’t take a look at Russell but there are plenty of stories and one video story on his come back attempt. His weight is down in the 280 range. He’s shooting for 260lbs. He’s working out non stop and has an impressive list of consultants and coaches to include Jeff Garcia (helping him with the mechanics and mental aspect of being an NFL QB). If I can find this info and I have a full time job, surely you could have spent an hour or two researching this story.

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