Jun 12, 2013; Renton, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll observes minicamp practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll Compliments Jim Harbaugh

Wait a minute. What is going on here? Is Pete Carroll trying to smooth over things with the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh? This is one of my favorite rivalries in the league right now. Carroll is not allowed to put ice on the situation.

Here is Pete complimenting the 49ers:

“They’re a great program,” Carroll said of the 49ers. “They’ve done a marvelous job since Jim took over and they’ve done it all on the field. We respect that our division has really changed, we’ve changed along with it, and every single game we play is the biggest rival that we would ever know. . . . They’ve done some really cool things and play exciting football, and we love matching up with the division.”

Umm. Jim Harbaugh calls out the Seahawks for cheating. Brandon Browner says that he would like to choke Harbaugh out and Carroll says that he Harbaugh has done a marvelous job?

He must be buttering him up for something. Or he is taking the classy route because Harbaugh will eventually put his foot in his mouth without any antagonizing.

I can’t wait till the two teams matchup against each other this season. The bad blood is brewing and the matchup should be heated.

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  • Wyatt Converse

    Not like you writers like to stir up bs whether it’s there or not, right? That’s how Carroll has been about the 49ers and Harbaugh all last season, every time he says anything about them. This isn’t new guy. Our local guys, the network guys, everyone tries to get a comment out of Carroll about Harbaugh and he says the same thing every time. He’s not playing along with you morons. “That doesn’t matter, I’ll make it exist if it kills me.” Seriously, this one’s a pretty pathetic attempt. Just make more BS up about PEDs or something. I’m sure somewhere there’s a guy that took a sudefed for his allergies that you can spin into an ephedrine or adderall violation. Douches

    • Wyatt Converse

      Oh, I see, this is the spin zone. That’s where we make something mean what we’d have it mean instead of what it meant. F’n republican

      • skeletony

        Actually you are right about this. A bit angrier than is probably warranted but there is no personal hatred between the two coaches. Even Harbaugh’s PED comments which a lot of people (perhaps understandably) took the wrong way were probably just him talking in generalities about his own position on PEDs, not taking a shot at the Hawks.

  • jimpassi

    any one who thinks 49ers is easy think again
    i can understand him saying that i would too
    we beet them as much as they beet us up