May 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (82) catches a pass during organized team activities at the Under Armour Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Torrey Smith Throwing Jabs at the Patriots over twitter

Some days these athletes just start going on rants over twitter. Today’s rant special is via Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. Check out his tweets in the last hour:

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    It’s the truth. Can’t be mad at him for speaking it. Poor Pats fans are going to lose it when the Brady era is over. He’s been in decline anyway but once he’s no longer under center? Poor things.

    • Paul V. Suffriti

      you just can’t stand their success year after year after year after year…….should be more worried about your own team.

      • Bennny K

        He didn’t say anything about the Pats, just you guys. Pat fans are pretty arrogant.

        • Paul V. Suffriti

          I was referring to the comment “TRUTH HURTS” made about Brady in decline and the era is almost over…..not addressing Smith’s tweets. Follow the thread if you can…..

      • AaronHernandez

        Yep getting their @sses beaten by the Giants when they showed up in the Superbowl. Haven’t won another since spygate. I remember that. LOL

  • Martin

    I don’t think Torrey realizes what he said. This is absurd and totally unessary. Torrey Smith and a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER. He can speak his mind and experiences I don’t care. But when you take jabs at Patriots fans alone it doesn’t make sense because you’d think the guy would be more mature after his brothers passing. He deserves to get bashed by us Pats fans. He deserves the hate. He deserves getting his ass kicked this upcoming year if the Pats and Ravens meet. Torrey Smith was so respected before this now he had to start this nonsense. I liked Torrey Smith now it just turns out he’s worse than Rex Ryan as a person and that is alot to say. Fuck you Torrey. Fuck you.

    • Stukes

      So he deserves to be taunted because his brother died? That’s what stemmed his tweets. And he said most, not all. There are some good hearted Pats fans that would NEVER make fun of someone’s death.

      • Martin

        I never said that.

      • Martin

        You scrambled my words.

        • Stukes

          I didn’t scramble your words. He took a jab because a portion of the Patriots fan base jabbed first. Only right that he can do that because, according to you, he can speak his mind, and based on the experience he had with that portion of the Patriots fan base, he did speak his mind. He did nothing to the organization’s followers first other than be on another team. That group, and I am sure it’s a minority, struck first. Why they did, that’s up for debate. And he was indeed mature about it in my opinion. He didnt say everyone, he didnt curse, and he was respectful to the organization. So tell me, how did he deserve the comments?

    • Bennny K

      You totally prove his point another classy Pat fan.

      • Martin

        You’re wrong.

  • arete777

    The Pats have passionate fans. The Pats usually beat the Ravens and the fans probably rub it in, which annoys Torrey Smith. Boo hoo. Who else consistently beats the Ravens? Torrey, if you want the Pats to have “better” fans, try beating the Pats. You don’t hear anyone complaining about the Jaguars fans, lol.

    • Bennny K

      Consistently beat the Ravens? He’s talking about the idiot fans not the team. Last check the Pats lost to the SB Champs last year, so why ate you talking? Oh yeah SB champs last year not 10 years ago. And the Ravens didn’t even have to cheat.

    • Geno Cadetto

      He’s also talking about patriot fans taunting him over his brothers death during a game in New England. Which is about as low as a fan can get and it was nice beating the Pats on the way to the Super Bowl.

    • tylerlombardi

      He only heard it from Pats fans about his brother drying, not Broncos fans, not even Steelers fans; PATS FANS and that’s it. If you can’t understand why that would give him a negative outlook on your smug fanbase then I don’t understand you at all.

      And last I checked the Ravens beat the pats twice in a row this year. Your team hasn’t won in 8 years now. Quit acting like you’re the class of the league. You’re the exact opposite.

  • joeblow

    As Stukes alludes to above this is no doubt a response to tweets from
    numerous Pats fans after the Ravens beat Pats in AFC championship game
    taunting him and referencing the death of his brother. Am sure most
    Pats fans are good people but many are evidently scum.