Baltimore Ravens Twitter Account Clowns On Miami Heat Celebration

The Baltimore Ravens twitter account clowned on the city of Miami and their celebration of their NBA World Championship. Check out the photo they posted comparing the celebration of the two cities.

That doesn’t help the idea of every Miami Heat fan is a bandwagoner. Look at the how many people came out to celebrate the Baltimore Ravens championship and look at the sparse crowd to celebrate the Miami Heat’s champion celebration. You could walk right up to the front of the parade in Miami and see everything. There are more people on the streets of Disneyland waiting for Mickey Mouse and Goofy to dance their way through the streets. You can see that Disney parade everyday. It’s not every day that your team wins a world championship.

The comparison of the two celebrations is incredible! Where are all the Miami Heat fans? Where are all the LeBron James fans? Amazing. I guess there really isn’t that many Heat fans out there.

Baltimore fans vs Miami fans. Give a point to Baltimore in a big way. I am pretty sure it would be the same situation if the Miami Dolphins won a championship. No love out there.

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