Colin Kaepernick Wearing A Dolphins Hat During 4th of July Festivities

I understand that this is a fashion thing that people do today. They rock hats of different organizations because of the colors. I still think it is stupid.

Colin Kaepernick is employed by the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins is a team that is in his way for the Super Bowl. I understand they are not a big threat, but  what if he was wearing a Seattle Seahawks hat?

Couldn’t he find another hat from a team in a different sport with those same colors? Couldn’t he have just found a different brand of hat that had those colors? AND why is he wearing boxers on the beach?

When Kaepernick becomes a free agent, maybe he signs with the Miami Dolphins and we then know why he was sporting the hat.

I think it is stupid to wear another team’s hat. I don’t do it as a fan and think it is dumb if a player on my favorite team is wearing a hat for a different team.

It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It tells me that you are a fan of that team. If you are not a fan of that team, then why are you sporting their logo on your head?

H/T to Reddit

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