Victor Cruz: Zimmerman Doesn’t Last A Year Before The Hood Catches Up To Him

Jan 27, 2013, Honolulu, HI, USA; New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz (80) attempts to elude New York Jets safety LaRon Landry (30)l in the 2013 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Cruz has his own thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict. Check out this tweet that he posted…. that has since been deleted.

I understand that people are pissed off, but going off on twitter seems to be a poor idea for NFL players. We had Roddy White saying that all the jurors should kill themselves and now Victor Cruz is saying that the hood is going to catch up to Zimmerman.

There are a lot of people who are crazy mad at the verdict and Zimmerman may not be able to show his face around a few areas, but tweeting it out like Victor Cruz did is a bad idea .Twitter keeps allowing football players to insert their foots in their mouths… over and over and over again.

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  • Nick Farley

    this is how martin got in a bad situation, this kind of thinking,

  • Chris Lamar

    Fire ‘m

  • Sal Paradise

    As a giants fan I will not be watching any games unless the organization is willing to reprimand this kind of behavior. Agree or not there is no place for a statement like that. Gonna be lots of lost revenue if they decide to brush things like this under the rug.

  • Sal Paradise

    But white people are the racists in this trial right?

  • arrow2010

    I hope the NFL bans this idiot.

  • Tim Martindale

    He didn’t put his foot in his mouth he just stated how he felt. The guy got off for killing a kid. That boy wasn’t trying to hurt him and everyone knows it he is a coward and needs to die period.

    • dblply2k

      You obviously did not watch the trial or know the facts and sadly… your last remark shows your a pathetic human being. My prayers go out to people like you.

      • golfinnc

        Not my prayers, my NRA subscription

    • John Doe’s Father

      You’re an idiot. Here’s an Idea, come after me, Zimmerman’s tired. I’ll take over. Twelve citizens , accepted by the prosecutor, found that Zimmerman was justified. But I’m sure you and the other moron, Cruz , know better. After all you listen to the same media that gave us Obama. Screw you and every ” n-word ” lover out there. Come after me you douche bag.

      • Tim Martindale

        I would love to but your a coward too that’s why u dont use your name. The problem is u wish u were black u wish u were me or Obama and I don’t give a shit about Obama I don’t support people who support faggs. U dont want to c me boy.

        • John Doe’s Father

          I’ve delt with mouthy blacks like you all my life BOY. The fact is the jury knows the whole story, not you not Cruz. You get a white guy to read something in a paper for you,and you take it for gospel. Here, get someone to read this for you; ZIMMERMAN FOR PRESIDENT. You’re a yankee, I can smell you. Tell me what state you’re from mouth.

        • Barry Soetoro

          Dear Dumb Tim: it’s you’re a coward, not your, Dummie.

  • trustandobeyalways

    reverse racism,..and if this tweet had been posted about hernandez being found not guilty, what would cruz be tweeting? that he wouldn’t be safe in the hispanic or white community ? .yeah…i didn’t think so

  • golfinnc

    From Obama’s involvement, DOJ holder’s helping to ship protesters to Sanford, the black panther’s putting a “bounty” on a person not even charged with a crime , Uncle Al, Money Jackson, the extremely biased media portrayal and now this idiot all calling for eminent harm to be done to this man that was ACQUITTED of any crime.
    Who’s the hypocritical racists in this country?

  • John

    What a joke this is. People saying all this stuff about hes going to get what’s coming? The fact is a person is dead and its sad but a guy defended himself and in this country it is needed sometimes. What if T Martin killed Zimmerman? There would’ve been nothing said from all these “upset” players/celebrities. Just saying

  • Barry Soetoro

    Little Racist Bastid—needs to worry about dem Alligator arms he developed last season. Also why doesn’t he marry his “daughter’s” mammy??????????