Oct 28, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) celebrates with Ryan Broyles (84) after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


Hey fantasy footballers it’s me, “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” and it’s about time to rock and roll with the 2013 fantasy football season player spotlight series. During this series I will be spotlighting certain players who are inches away from breaking out in 2013. This will help give you an edge on your competition as you research and prepare for your 2013 fantasy football drafts. Training camp is around the corner and these player spotlights are designed to help you see for yourselves the triggers that needs to be activated for the player to vault to the next level. This way you can use your own judgement and see through the smoke screen and not fall victim to the training camp hype. Make no mistake this will be league dominating information folks, and I will start this player spotlight series off with Ryan Broyles.



I have been watching the tape on Ryan Broyles this week and I just love what I see. The kid has speed, excellent route running skills, the ability to get separation, and is considered an occasional deep threat. I am very well aware of the injury last season but he is way ahead of schedule. He has already practiced at full speed in mini camp. He also should be up for the starting role opposite Megatron. This guy is going way too late in 2013 drafts and is sometimes going undrafted. This is insane folks. He will be a major target for Stafford because Mega will draw double and even triple team coverages which almost assures us that Broyles will ALWAYS face 1 on 1 coverage. Broyles has proven that he can destroy 1 on 1 coverage consistently. The talent is there, the situation is there, and the scheme is there, the trigger that needs to be activated is trust.


The only thing I can foresee holding Broyles back is the timing he needs to cement with Stafford. While I was watching the Houston game Staff missed Broyles on some huge plays where Broyles was wide open. This was unacceptable. He also missed Broyles on a deep pass that could have went for 55 or so yards and a TD. They need more time together to learn each other a little better and become one. Once they bond this relationship to where Broyles can be trusted and his movements more anticipated by Stafford, Broyles will then BREAKOUT! That’s the only ingredient missing here. While Broyles was considered a slot guy or “W” receiver in the Houston Texans game he did come off of the field some on first and second downs. He was utilized the most in the slot but don’t be deceived because he can be an outside receiver as well. This should show up sometime during the 2013 season and Broyles will be the owner of a #2 WR spot in Detroit.


Ryan Broyles is late round gold right now. If you dont have him on your dynasty rosters you might want to throw out some feelers and see how much your competition values him. If you were a 2012 Fantasy Football 1 on 1 subscriber you would already have him on your dynasty rosters. We looked crazy when we advised our subscribers to drop/trade Titus Young and pick up Broyles last year. The film showed us that Titus was not playing to potential BEFORE he got the boot. While we saw some unusual movements from Titus last year we did not anticipate him falling off of the cliff like he did.


I am sure Ryan Broyles stock will rise once camp begins and these observations become more evident, but I will have another one if it does. That’s what we do here, we keep you ahead of your competition. I rate Broyles as a 2013 must draft player at this point especially where he is going thus far in 2013 drafts.


Stay tuned its about to get busy in here. 


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