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Fantasy Football Advice

Somethings naturally go together:
Peanut butter – Jelly
Socks – Shoes
Broken Nose – Raider Fan
Broccoli – Mayonnaise
Sandwich – Wife
Fantasy Football Advice – Me
…so in keeping with the natural order of things, I am departing some fantasy football wisdom to assist you in your latter round draft selections. Anyone can point out the obvious choices…once they are snatched up – then what?

Competitive fantasy football leagues are won with savvy bench gems that become household names for the first time during the season. You want to be the guy that has them on your roster. It requires that you “grow a pair” when drafting. That is to say, you must have a strategy of who you plan on drafting – and when.
Once the draft has used up the most predictable selections is when you unveil your arsenal of ‘sleeper selections”. Think Big – Be Big is my motto here.

Here are some of the best choices that others may deem a reach now – pissed as hell later when you bring home the hardware though :


Phillip Rivers
Carson Palmer
Ryan Tannehill
Sam Bradford

Their respective teams have gone all-in on providing protection and weapons this year. These guys are going to generate points with the best of them. Rivers has had a very unpleasant two years in fantasy…all that changes this year. Grab him with confidence. He is the star of the group and will be a top five QB when it’s all said and done.

Darren McFadden
Ryan Mathews
Daryl Richardson
Shane Vereen
Pierre Thomas
Giovani Benard

While it may seem that it’s a no-brainer on choosing McFadden or Mathews, they are there in the late rounds to be had. Both have had multiple injuries that have sidelined them the last few seasons. The upside is too great to ignore however. Mathews has an improved offensive line that is likened to a bunch of trained grizzlies – there will be holes to run through. McFadden is the only offensive weapon worth note coming out of Oakland. They are punting when he’s not on the field.

Richardson and Thomas are both starting for their teams. Most folks don’t know that. They will touch the ball a ton in both rushing and passing downs. In Richardson’s case – a star is born.
Vereen and Benard are the true sleeper picks of the group. Their ability to run hard and catch the football make them both wise selections. They will be utilized by their teams constantly and will outperform the day one starters ahead of them this season. I expect them both to be “the guy” by game six this year.

Danario Alexander
Josh Gordon
Cecil Shorts
DeSean Jackson
Chris Givens
Ryan Broyles
Tavon Austin

The WR corps provides the most intrigue of Fantasy Football. It can be feast or famine. The above list is a sampling of dudes that will make a difference for your squad. Randall Cobb, Percy Harvin and Danny Armendola aren’t on the list because they all should be off the draft boards as well. These guys will end up starters for your unit but will be drafted late by you because you are smarter.
Danario Alexander – the absolute prize of the group. He will be a top-tier WR this year…possibly top five. This year he is a secret – lucky for you. Don’t be stupid…draft him…draft him…draft him. He is the steal of the draft and will be a big reason you win your league’s championship.

Josh Gordon is another guy that will be fantastic. He is no secret but his bad boy ways have him on vacation (courtesy of the NFL) for the first two season games. He gets lost in the shuffle on draft day…he will be a monster – don’t lose him.

Shorts, Givens, Jackson, Broyles and Austin all are starting WR talents that will be available late – unless you happen to be reading this article. They are not only great bye week fill ins…but rather will prove to be great starters when you play the match up game when making lineup decisions. Grab them.

Brandon Myers
Jared Cook
Martellus Bennett
Jordan Cameron

After the name brand TEs are off the board, everyone seems to be clumped together in value. That can’t be further from the truth. When TEs start getting chosen it seems that a panic sets in – other managers scramble to grab the next best available. This is when you take advantage and keep drafting other positions of need. This is what will help put you over the top.
All four guys listed are going to have fantastic seasons if not sensational. They represent a changing of the guard so to speak. They will produce for you as much if not more than most of the name brands and cost you much less when selecting them. My favorite here is Jordan Cameron – stud unleashed. He is on almost every fantasy team I have. I normally pick him up in the last two rounds. I expect him to be Fantasy Football’s biggest surprise this year.

I don’t rank or give a shit about kickers. Choose your favorite color and go with that.

Tampa Bay
It’s retarded to see, but Tampa is going un-drafted in most drafts. Don’t let that happen to you. Last year Tampa was #1 against the run and complete garbage against the pass. Enter Darrelle Revis and Dashon Gholston. They will pair up with Mark Barron and Eric Wright in what looks to be a very solid D. They play the NY Jets opening day…um…seriously.

Well that’s all I have for you now kids. Remember to help a Raider Fan out this year…soccer season can’t come quick enough for them – another really suck ass season for Oakland.
Good luck in your draft.

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