September 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Clemson Tigers linebacker Jonathan Willard (46) celebrates beating the Auburn Tigers while wearing the "Old Leather Helmet" at the Georgia Dome. Clemson won 26-19. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

No Big Deal. Tennessee Titans Rookie Just Saved People From A Burning Car

In news that flies under  the radar… probably because it wasn’t a DUI, or PEDs or a killing, but Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan Willard saved some lives yesterday. That is all! Just pulled a family and a dog out of a burning car to save their lives. Nothing big at all about it.

“When she pulled over, the car was really on fire at that point,” the former Clemson Tiger said. “The driver, she acted like she was in some kind of daze or something. She told me that she didn’t stop because she didn’t think it was her car that was on fire. Another guy stopped, and we managed to get the kids and the dog out and get them to safety, and then I finally got the woman out.”

“I was just glad that we got the kids and all of them out of the car,” he said. “I was thinking that I was just doing what everybody else would do, but there were cars just going past us and no one else was stopping, so I don’t know if that is what would happen or not.” –

In all honesty, if this was Randy Moss or Aaron Rodgers or someone of that stature, we all will probably here about this. But this story is about Jonathan Willard and nobody knows who that is. Some Titans fans might not even know who he is.
I just wanted to give the kid some props for doing the right thing.

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  • Alter Ego

    Heroes never know how big a deal it is – selfless acts are rare. He is an all-pro person.

  • arnie

    Great Job Ernie in reporting news about a player that deserves it. you would think the NFL would be jumping all over this, telling the world , ” THIS IS THE TYPE OF CHARACTER THE NFL WANTS FROM PLAYERS” yet all we hear about is 24 hour coverage of hernadez and DUI from their own network.

    • arnie

      Okay i just went to the NFL site, NOT ONE BLURB. nothing, i even searched for it. nada. however i did come across a “brady talks about hernedez”… pathetic.

      • arnie

        upgdate: found it, it’s really tiny….

        • Ernie Padaon

          Hahahaha… Doesn’t need any attention at all

          • arnie

            Why not? i’m tired of the DUI, jailbird updates.

          • Ernie Padaon

            Right there with you