Dez Bryant (left) and LeBron James (right).

Dez Bryant's Take On LeBron James in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant told that Miami Heat Small Forward Lebron James could be a “beast” in the NFL at tight end or wide receiver.

“That dude is just that talented,” Bryant said. “I think it would take him probably about a good two weeks to get very acquainted with football, knowing what he’s supposed to do. I think that’s all he’d need with his physical ability. I’ve seen a little bit of his highlights from high school. He’s got the hands, he can run the routes, he’s fast enough. He could play in this league if he put it all together.”

He could be among the best tight ends to play the game with his insane athleticism and speed, not to mention his height. James is a 6-8, 270 pound monster. He could leap for the ball like no other tight end or receiver, and can possibly blow past defenders with his intimidating speed and weight. It would be almost impossible for defenses to stop him.

If James was to switch from basketball to the NFL, he will be effective and can be a huge impact for whatever team he would be on due to his gifted talent and athleticism.

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