GIF: Jaguars Rookie Blows Up His Left Tackle In Practice

May 13, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Paul Hazel (79) during organized team activities at The Florida Blue Health

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a young rookie pass rusher by the name of Paul Hazel. Hazel stands at 6-foot-5 with monster arms and there is also this bull rush that he did during practice:

That was just a 325 pound man he tossed right on his tail. That is awesome. Looks like someone can’t really handle the bull rush. And we wonder why Blaine Gabbert can’t really do much behind his offensive line. That was a terrible effort in pass protection. Hopefully there would be a running back in the backfield to help out on that type of play. Maybe it was a running play.

That was a ridiculous pass rush by the rookie though. He got the tackle off balance and gave him a big time shove on his way to the quarterback. The Jaguars would love to see a ton of that from the rookie. They were terrible at getting after the quarterback last season. Any type of help in that department would be huge for the defense. Let’s see if Hazel will be able to do this in the games.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Joe Soriano

    If that was Eugene Monroe, then this rookie deserves a gold star.

  • jimfromkcj

    don’t give him an attaboy when he goes against a third string tackle, Mark Asper.

    • Ernie Padaon

      still gets an atta boy to toss him on his tail like that. can’t help it

      • jimfromkcj

        Ernie, the guy he knocked on his butt will probably cut before the final 53 man roster. Just because he is big doesn’t mean he is an NFL quality player. What I would be interested in is how they did after this play. Did the guy get up and learn from the play and was able to stop him the rest of the day? Even the best of linemen get surprised once in a while. The good ones don’t get fooled again.

        • Ernie Padaon

          I get it. Not impressed. Just another play that happens any day. In no way did I say that any 300 pound man can be an NFL player. I never even said this rookie makes the team. These are just two guys competing for roster spots and one was blown up. That is all

          • Joe Soriano

            Yeah, c’mon guys, lighten up. This was a pretty awesome play, let’s just enjoy it for what it was. The points you guys are making about him probably getting cut are stuff most of us are well aware of.

  • arnie

    They are all here to compete for a job, thrid string 2nd 1st? it’s all the NFL. Do your job…

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  • James Campbell

    That’s was more the tackle’s lack of skill than it was Paul Hazel’s skill.

  • Battlespeed

    There’s absolutely nothing to this. My grandmother could have flattened Asper. Oh, and by the way – Hazel got no sacks in preseason, and got cut like soft butter.