Houston Texans Ed Reed Given A Walker For His Birthday

The Houston Texans got Ed Reed a present for his 35th birthday yesterday. They got him a walker. Because he is OLD and crotchety. They could have got him a wheelchair also.

I know they got him a walker, but why didn’t they put the tennis balls on the bottom? They could have got him a new hip? They could have got him a coupon for a hip replacement surgery.

The guys are just having some fun with the veteran. He has not played a game yet with the team, but he is getting closer and closer. He has been out with a hip injury and his slowly been working toward his return.

He is listed as a game time decision for the Texans game this week against the Tennessee Titans. The team wants him healthy for the playoffs and for their playoff run. If he needs to rest a little longer on the front end, they would just deal with it. They already pulled out a victory in week 1 without him on the roster. They just have to be patient and know that he will make an impact when he makes that return.

For now, he can use that walker.

Via the Houston Chronicle@GregHurstKHOU

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