Bold Predictions For Every Team In the NFL

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of NFL football is now behind us, and there is no doubt that it was a week to remember. There were blowouts, surprising finishes, shocking near-upsets, and epic comeback victories. New players hit the scene, and old superstars showed why they rule this league.

Of course, opening week is followed by insane amounts of overreaction and irrational speculation, focused on the major successes and unwarranted letdowns of nearly every team and player in action. People can easily be fooled by a single huge performance or rule out an entire direction of a team based solely on their first game.

However, the truth can be found. By sifting through the unrepeatable performances and analyzing the worthwhile outcomes, valuable information remains that can reveal an enormous amount about the rest of the season. So without further adieu, here are the post-week-one bold predictions for every team in the NFL.

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