Spin Zone RT: Who Is The Best 0-2 Team?

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Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers special teams coordinator Dave Wannstedt during the second half of the game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Carter Mulvhill
The best 0-2 team is the New York Giants. Sure, Eli’s seven picks are a concern, but he’s proven enough in this league to make me think that he’ll figure things out. Tom Coughlin was understandably hesitant to give RB David Wilson carries in Week 2, but Wilson is so much more dynamic than Brandon Jacobs or Da’Rel Scott, that I think you just have to give him most reps anyway and hope the fumbles don’t continue. Losing to the Broncos is forgivable and in their Week 1 loss against Dallas, they had six turnovers and still kept it close.

In the always crazy NFC East, no one has started 2-0, so the Giants will not have far to climb back up the standings. The Eli-led Giants are often unpredictable and infuriating, but they always finish around .500, and usually with a winning record. I expect them to beat the also-disappointing Panthers, which will get the G-Men back on track and cause Ron Rivera to be on the hottest of hot seats in Carolina.

Chris Rolling
Pound for pound the best winless team resides in Tampa Bay. Doug Martin is a Top 10 back behind a great line and Vincent Jackson is a criminally underrated receiver. The defensive unit as a whole is elite, but childish penalties continue to plague the team with Greg Schiano clearly having little control. Things will either get much better or remain the same here in the next few weeks depending on how the team handles the adversity, but Tampa Bay is unmatched from a talent standpoint when perusing the list of winless teams.

Keith Demolder
Best 0-2 team? In my estimation, the Buccaneers are the best 0-2 team. I understand that Josh Freeman has had some problems, however Doug Martin has been phenominal thus far with 209 yards and a touchdown season. As well with a revamped pass defense, Tampa has allowed an average of only 17 points per game this season and held Drew Brees and the usually dominant Saints to under 17.

New York has a horrible running game, Washington’s defense is about as effective as a master ball against a Charazard, Minnesota is most likely the 2nd best 0-2 team with a great offense, however their defense could use some work, Carolina is good but Cam Newton isn’t the same Rookie Cam Newton, Jacksonville is an absolute joke, the Steelers have a great defense, but struggling offense, as well, with the trade of Trent Richardson and the injury of Brandon Weeden, The Browns are in not position to make a winning season for themselves, although their defense is pretty great.

Ernie Padaon
I have to go with the New York Giants on this one. They are a team that has a Super Bowl quarterback and a tough coach running the ship. They always tend to get off to a slower start and can get in a groove. They just need to get out and get that first win and they will be good to go.

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