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Team That Could Use a Relocation

Jacksonville Jaguars
The past 10 years for the Jags have been nothing short of laughable as the Jags have only mustered 3 winning seasons and 2 playoff appearances. Whether or not coaching  chances or front office mistakes have made the Jaguars lose, the simple matter is that this team , for the moment at least, doesn’t have much of a future. Their attendance lately has been in the bottom half of the league as hardly 60,000 fans are able to show up to games. Their franchise running back has been unusually unproductive. Their QB position has seen as many transformations as a Chicago winter. If there is one team that needs a relocation it’s this one. Although they have new uniforms, their team is still horrendously bad. Not that moving to a new city is going to fix anything, but perhaps with a new name for the franchise the Jaguars can make a fresh start. I mean come on. Fans are arguing to have the Jags sign Tim Tebow for crying out loud, there needs to be some changes. If there is any advice I can give to the Jags is that to strengthen their key positions and stop wasting valuable draft-picks on sub-par players such as Gabbert and Justin Blackmon. Maybe spend some money on some Free Agents, I don’t know do something that could actually help your ball club.

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