GIF: That Raiders Fan At The Broncos Game

I will give the kid some credit, he was out in Denver in the middle of that crazy crowd all dressed up and repping his squad. The Raiders were big time underdogs going in and he was there cheering his side on. Respect

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • DF Rellom

    Yup!! madd props to Raider. but hey no worries… how long are the broncos gonna be riding on manning 2, 3 more years? All that money they paid him…. Raiders… they’rebuilding, Pryor is getting better and better each week. They will evolve around him and have a ton of money for the upcoming years. The chargers choke half the time, chiefs , they’re good. but alex smith can’t throw further than 20 yards, and eventually teams will start catching on. Raiders will be back…and that Raider fan will be cheering victoriously in the very near future, while all those donkey fans will be hiding under paperbags

    • Nick doucher

      20 million is the going rate for a top quarterback, there’s been one team that has won the Super Bowl in the last 20 years without an elite quarterback. Just admit your team has sucked for the last 30 years, the disco era is over your Raiders aren’t the Raiders of the 70′s. Nor will they be anytime soon!

      • Sacraidermann!

        You better protect payton ,scrub. Without him your just a bunch of funny looking gals in orange outfits.