Sep 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) is sacked by Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones (97) at M

Houston Fan Posts "CUT SCHAUB" Over Bridge


I guess fans in Houston have forgotten what it feels like to lose a game. They have been on the verge of losing all season and then they get beat down on Sunday and the fans lose their minds. Well, at least one fan has lost his mind. After the loss, there was a “CUT SCHAUB” sign that was posted over a bridge in Houston.

Schaub was 25 for 35 in the game for 194 yards and a pick six The pick six was one of the turning points in the game.

Schaub didn’t have his best game, but do you really want to cut him because of it? I am sure there are a few teams that wouldn’t mind seeing Schaub on the waiver wire.


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  • Bryan Murphy

    This is ridiculous, Schaub didn’t impress but he didn’t single handedly lose that game for us. Schaub is what he is, people say he will never win a super bowl, but look at the team he has around him. As far as positions besides the QB, the Texans have one of the best teams in the NFL. He’s good enough to win us a super bowl, remember last year when we beat the Ravens 43-13 and they won the super bowl? It’s early the teams that get by in the beginning of the year, always get hot at the right time, chill out people.