Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell.

Le'Veon Bell 100%, Isaac Redman snuck back in after concussion

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be getting rookie running back Le’Veon Bell back from a Lisfranc injury on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how much Bell will play. There’s a strong possibility that he starts, and he looks like a significant upgrade over the likes of Isaac Redman and Felix Jones. Bell may be a rookie, but he is a talented back who had a really nice career at Michigan State. The issue, though, is health, because Bell’s return in Week 4 would beat out his expected return date by a few weeks.

Le’Veon Bell himself stated, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that his foot is now 100%, and teammate Marcus Gilbert even threw in a very  loose Adrian Peterson allusion when talking about Bell’s playmaking ability. With Bell, the Steelers could very well have a franchise back on their hands, and that’s more than we can say about the potential of RBs Redman and Jones.

Speaking of Isaac Redman, the Post-Gazette reports that he did indeed suffer a concussion in Week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals, but he fooled team doctors and breached concussion protocol in order to get back into the game. The most worrisome thing is the fact that all Redman said to “fool” the Steelers was basically “I’m all right.”

Looking at the Steelers running back roster, it’s clear that Le’Veon Bell is the most talented RB and the guy with the most upside. He should do well once he is truly fully healthy, but the Steelers should ease him into things since he, again, has the ability to be a real difference-maker in the running game. By the way, don’t read into what Ben Roethlisberger said, because those quotes were mostly distorted to try and make a story.

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