Tampa Bay Buccaneers free safety Dashon Goldson (38) defends New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (80) during the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Dashon Goldson on suspension watch again

Tampa Bay Buccaneers big-money free safety Dashon Goldson is back in the suspension discussion, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports, citing a league source, that the league is looking to try to suspend Goldson again. The league tried to suspend Goldson for one game following a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit on New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles, but Goldson successfully won the appeal and did not miss Week 3’s game against the New England Patriots.

Dashon Goldson, who is one of the NFL’s most heavily penalized players for big hits, levied a helmet-to-helmet hit on Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Jaron Brown yesterday, and the hit wasn’t nearly as bad as the one he had on Sproles two weeks before. However, the commissioner’s office is likely fed up with Goldson’s helmet hits at this point, and I have a feeling the league really wants to bring down the hammer on Dashon Goldson this time around.

The Buccaneers have a bye this week,  so Goldson would miss the Week 6 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles if the league is able to suspend him. Brown’s hit clearly isn’t bad enough to warrant a suspension on its own, so the league is going on the grounds that Goldson is a clear repeat offender who made another bad hit shortly after nearly being suspended. I think the league will get their suspension through, but Goldson will also be able to successfully appeal this one. In fact, the league probably has less grounds to suspend Goldson right now, because the hit on Brown wasn’t severe enough.

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