Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all smiles on the sidelines before his team

Cowboys Will Allow A Fan Into Draft Day War Room

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is going to allow a fan to be in the draft room this offseason. The Cowboys are going to team up with the Texas Lottery in order to give away the prize.

“They would get to see the [draft] board. I guess that’s not good,” Jones said during a press conference announcing the lottery prizes. “But they do see the board early, get an idea of where we might go, and some of the strategy. And we really spend a lot of time talking with them about that. We have confidence in them.” – NESN

I love that the team is willing to give access to fans for that, but it seems a little crazy to allow a crazed fan in there. I know that if I was in that locker room, I would be tweeting things out all the time and sharing all kinds of information to the public.

Just saying.

Hopefully the fan can give the Cowboys a little insight on who they should select in the draft. It wouldn’t hurt… right?

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