Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) returns a fumble for sixty four yards in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid on using Brandon Flowers in slot

The Kansas City Chiefs did something interesting against the Titans yesterday, as they played star CB Brandon Flowers in the slot. It worked like a charm for the Chiefs, and I wonder if we are going to see more of Flowers in the slot against certain teams. Andy Reid gave an excellent press conference today following the 26-17 win, and his most notable quote was on Brandon Flowers.

Here it is via SB Nation’s excellent Arrowhead Pride, “You saw early how we did that in training camp where we had the flexibility to use him. He’s a really good inside player, outside too, but inside, too. Cooper’s been playing well so it gives you the confidence to be able to do that. Brandon’s flexibility is the key there. He can do so many things for you and he’s so willing. Very seldom when you see guys of his stature and that tough willing to get inside there with those big bodies.”

Marcus Cooper received a lot of playing time yesterday, and he looked pretty good overall, especially when matched up against the struggling Kenny Britt. Per Reid, the Chiefs did not move Brandon Flowers inside because it is less strain on his knees (if that were the case, then the Chiefs would be exhibiting bad logic). The most interesting part of Reid’s quote is that the Chiefs did not play Flowers in the slot due to matchup; they played him in the slot because defensive coordinator Bob Sutton felt it fit their scheme better. Interesting.

Brandon Flowers looked great in the slot, and he looked every bit as good as he is on the outside. Playing in the slot is a whole different ballgame, so you have to put Flowers’s performance in context. While he did give up a high volume of catches, those catches went nowhere. He showed, as usual, excellent tackling by quickly bringing down Kendall Wright (or whoever else he was lined up against), so the Titans were not able to move the chains despite completing a pass. In the slot, that’s definitely getting the job done.

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