Texans QB Matt Schaub Has Fans Coming To His Home To Tell Him Off

Houston Texans fans are sick of seeing Matt Schaub throw pick-sixes game after game after game after game. It just happens all the time and there are expectations in Houston. There are expectations from the fans, but some fans have crossed the line in the last couple of days.

According to SportaRadio 610, a fan went over to Schaub’s house and told him off. Another fan allegedly took pictures of Schaub’s fam and posted them on facebook. Nobody was hurt in the situation, but that is craziness to a whole new level.

Schaub is still a person when he is not on the football field and he doesn’t need jerks coming by to still be yelling at him when he tries to step away from the field. He hears enough of it when he steps on the field from his own fans. Let the man get away from it for a little bit.

When the Texans face the St. Louis Rams on Sunday in Houston, buy some tickets and get your booing done there. Stop acting all stalker like.

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