New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (88) celebrates a pass reception during the first half against the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Hakeem Nicks Trade Rumors: San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons interested

New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks has been the source of a few trade rumors so far this season, and those rumors will only continue to grow now that the Giants are 0-6. Nicks has looked excellent this season, and he has been even better than the 25 receptions for 442 yards indicate. Those are great numbers, but the fact of the matter is that it’s easy to overlook just how dangerous Nicks has been. I would also imagine that Nicks’s stat sheet would look even better if Eli Manning were playing at his best.

Although Hakeem Nicks isn’t actually being shopped by the Giants, teams are starting to have internal discussions about sending trade offers to the New York Giants. The latest and strongest Nicks rumors come from CBS Sports’s ace insider Jason La Canfora who reports that “several” teams are “preparing bids” and trying to figure out “the degree to which” Nicks “might be available”.

Nicks is currently playing on a one-year deal, but he would be an excellent rental for a team in need of a receiver, and La Canfora reports that teams think Hakeem Nicks is their best chance at adding an impact receiver (certainly better than Josh Gordon and Kenny Britt). They do want to see, however, how interested Giants star GM Jerry Reese is at making a deal, because that is unclear at this time.

Even if he is just a rental, Nicks is a cheap and extremely effective one, so sources tell La Canfora that the Giants should be able to get at least a third-rounder. The San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons are reportedly two of the teams “holding internal discussions” on whether or not to send a trade offer for Nicks. It’s interesting to hear that the 49ers want another wideout, as it means that they aren’t confident in their current corps to get the job done while they wait for Michael Crabtree to return to health. Meanwhile, the Falcons lost Julio Jones for the season and Roddy White is hobbled, so they make perfect sense as a Nicks “buyer”; I highly doubt they have thrown in the towel on the season just yet.

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  • ReneNYK

    Julio Jones and a number three.

    • eric

      if we traded julio to ny, which would never happen, you would be giving us 1st round picks for 2 years in addition to nicks.

      • Joe Soriano

        Yeah, I would never do that deal, especially since Nicks only has one year left on his deal. A third rounder and Jones (a better WR than Nicks) for a one-year rental? Bad idea, tbh.

  • Thomas Katona

    If the giant’s dump nicks there not fixing anything! That’s a guy u keep u assholes! Fix what’s broken!!!.Eli is afraid back there. He closes his eyes and just throws the ball away! The team doesn’t care, no one wants to step up and take charge! Get a decent offensive line & a good running back. Spend money if needed.

  • tmyhgranillo

    The falcs will never give up were team known to come back everybody is blowing this up. If everyone looks at the nfl there all in in this position somewhat all these teams are struggling were not the only ones. WE WILL PREVAIL. FALC4EVER!!!!

  • Thomas Nasti

    Hakeem isn’t ”certainly” better than Josh Gordan. Gordan is on a team with no QB and is def more consistent. On top of that, Hakeem is a paper tiger. He’s always getting hurt. It’s an argument but It’s not certainty. Please stop with the bias talk
    As for Kenny Britt, he sucks. I’d be surprised if he gets anything less than a 5th.

    • Joe Soriano

      Bias talk? What do I have to biased for? Gordon is more consistent than Nicks? Gordon is definitely a good player, but there is no way he’s more consistent than Nicks. Nicks has had three seasons in which he has surpassed 50 receptions, whereas Gordon’s career high was 50 as a rookie last year. He had 805 receiving yards as well and would be a nice trade target. “Certainly” may have been a strong word, but I also believe that Gordon’s off-the-field issues make up for Nicks’s injury history. You can’t tell me that Gordon “is def more consistent” than Nicks, because I won’t accept that argument. He isn’t injury prone like Nicks, but I fail to see how Gordon is a better player. Beyond that, I fail to see how I am biased.

      If the Titans get more than a 5th out of Kenny Britt, I would feel bad for the fans of the team that acquired him.

      • Thomas Nasti

        Gordon in his rookie year had 50 receptions on 850 yards right? The Cleveland Browns were 0-2 without him. He comes back and proves he can stretch the field and they win 3 straight. Lets not forget, gordon doesn’t have half the qb throwing him the ball than Hakeem does.
        I will say his off the field issues are bothersome but its nothing he can’t clean up. Hakeem cant stay healthy and this is why NY believes he’s expendable. – I’m pretty sure from what gordon has proven, hes got the edge on Hakeem.
        As for Britt, hes a bum. He has both off field issues and he cant stay healthy. He hasnt proved to be anything more than a big body. Bet says no team offers more than a 5th for him. And thats generous

        • Joe Soriano

          I totally agree with you on Britt.

          As for Gordon, I definitely agree that he hasn’t been able to show his true ability with a bad QB like Weeden tossing passes, but he gets plenty of targets to put up solid numbers. He’s a very good receiver and is the better value due to his age and contract, so I would rather trade for Gordon than Nicks based on that (I usually don’t like just-rentals). That said, Nicks is the better and more talented player, and he’s a more consistent No. 1 WR than Gordon.

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