Week 8: NFL Power Rankings

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Number 17: Miami Dolphins (3-3) – Last Week 14

I’m a Dolphins fan and I don’t want to talk about this one. Three straight losses is all I have to say.

Number 18: Atlanta Falcons (2-4) – Last Week 21

Even with the loss of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan had his best performance of the season. With Steven Jackson set to return to practice this week the Falcons are getting healthier. They look to continue to turn their season around with a win against the Cardinals this week.

Number 19: Arizona Cardinals (3-4) – Last Week 19

The Cardinals were able to hang in with the Seahawks in the first half of the game this past Thursday. Carson Palmer will most likely not be back with the team next year. Look for them to make a move for a quarterback in next years draft.

Number 20:  Carolina Panthers (3-3) – Last Week 26

Cam Newton has been a monster the past couple of games. He has missed eight passes with 4 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown and zero turnovers. They have a really good defense as well. If Cam can continue to play efficiently, then this team can make a run at a wild card slot.

Number 21: Buffalo Bills (3-4) – Last Week 25

The Bills are 1-1 with Thaddeus Lewis at the quarterback position. An impressive late win against the Dolphins put the Bills up a few spots in the rankings. Their schedule is tough over the next month, facing the Saints, Chiefs, Steelers and Jets.

Number 22: Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) – Last Week 18

The Eagles looked awful at home against the Cowboys. A loss this past Sunday marked the 9th straight time the Eagles have lost at home. Not a good stat and now with Nick Foles out, they will have to turn to either Matt Barkley or back to Michael Vick.

Number 23: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) – Last Week 27

Even with two straight wins I wouldn’t say the Steelers are back, but they are definitely in the process of it. The defense has been phenomenal the past two weeks. Lets see if they can keep it up against a dual threat quarterback in Terrelle Pryor.

Number 24: Oakland Raiders (2-4) – Last Week 23

Coming off of their bye week the Raiders will look to get back in a rhythm against the Steelers who are on a two game winning streak.

Number 25: Washington Redskins (2-4) – Last Week 28

That’s the Robert Griffin that we’re used to seeing. Griffin easily had his best performance of the season against a struggling Bears defense. Amazingly, this team is still very much alive in the NFC East. If last year wasn’t a good example for you, anything can happen with this team.

Number 26: Cleveland Browns (3-4) – Last Week 17

The Browns are back to being the Browns. The loss of Hoyer has really affected them. Brandon Weeden is not cut out to be a NFL quarterback. The Browns were fun while they lasted.

Number 27:  St. Louis Rams (3-4) – Last Week 22

The Rams have been playing pretty good the past couple of weeks, however, they lost quarterback Sam Bradford to a torn ACL. They will look to add another quarterback in the up and coming weeks to add some depth, but for now, it’s the Kellen Clemens show in St. Louis.

Number 28: Houston Texans (2-5) – Last Week 24

Case Keenum was able to provide a bit of a spark in the offense against the Chiefs. Their streak of straight games with a pick six also came to an end. However, just as things are starting to look better, Arian Foster hurt his hamstring. Just a bad year for the Texans.

Number 29: New York Giants (1-6) – Last Week 30 

For the first time this season the New York Giants were able to win a football game. One of the biggest keys to the Giants success last night was their ability to protect not only Eli Manning, but the football as well. Last night was the first game this year in which Manning did not throw an interception. The Giants will try and continue to play like they did last night next week against in-division rival, Philadelphia Eagles.

Number 30: Minnesota Vikings (1-5) – Last Week 29

Wow, this team has tons of problems. Yes, last night was Freeman’s first start and nobody was really expecting anything huge. Buy zero points offensively? That’s just inexcusable. Leslie Frazier is definitely on the hot seat. This team desperately needs to find a quarterback.

Number 31: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6) – Last Week 31

The Bucs season continues to get worse as they fear that Doug Martin will be lost for the remainder of the season due to a torn labrum. We will just have to wait and see until something is official on Martin, however, don’t expect him to play this Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers.

 Number 32: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7) – Last Week 32

After giving the Broncos a run for their money for a majority of their game a couple of weeks ago, the Jaguars returned to their old ways as they struggled to keep up with Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.

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